Call for Ideas - Citizen Interface for NHAI

Call for Ideas - Citizen Interface for NHAI
Start Date :
May 14, 2022
Last Date :
Jun 15, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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National Highway Authority of India currently is planning to build a citizen facing interface which can cater to all highway related needs of NH commuters. NHAI already has an ...

National Highway Authority of India currently is planning to build a citizen facing interface which can cater to all highway related needs of NH commuters. NHAI already has an Android mobile application called Sukhaad Yatra ( which needs to be upgraded and advanced further.

Citizens are invited to share their ideas on how the Sukhad Yatra app can be improved with additional features/ integrations to better service the needs of citizens. The end outcome is to improve the experience of NH commuters and build a robust medium of 2-way communication.

The tool will not be limited to but can cover the following areas:
● Informing users of construction and maintenance activities
● Allowing users to register complaints pertaining to the condition of the highway or highway activities such as toll (for eg. If wait times for a toll gate are too long or if FasTag is not working at a gate)
● Allow users to rate highways on various characteristics of the highway around their experience as a rider (on both negative and positive characteristics of experience, for example whether the NH offers a scenic route or view)
● Allow user to access emergency and first response services on the highway
● Allow users to access information on wayside amenities, petrol pumps, EV stations etc. Information about location of facilities along the route can be searched on Google Maps but this is hard to access for non smartphone users.
● Allow users to report traffic congestion, accidents, debris, toll-relates issues, request EV charging points etc to local command centres (Eg. Waze)
● The interface should be able to cater to user-needs of commuters with and without smartphones
● The interface should have a strong focus on UX, intuitive and centred around the day-to-day needs and experience of highway users.

The interface can also operate as a platform through which multiple existing private and public applications can link to such as NH’s toll free number, toll management system etc or travel related apps (MapMyIndia, Google Maps etc) which already have a high user-base. The platform should leverage strengths of existing IT applications and not reinvent where necessary.

The design should cater to all kinds of NH users such as:
● Commercial (trucking etc) who may or may not have a smartphone and a user design which caters to their needs
● Personal long-distance commuter which may not be as frequent but may have access to smartphones
● Local residents who live around the highways and use it more frequently than private long distance commuters

Submissions to this can be in the form of app mock-ups/ prototypes, presentations, concept notes on platform and other interfaces, list of desired features by commuters etc.

Tha last date of submission of ideas is 15th June 2022.

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ARUN KUMAR GUPTA 1 week 2 days ago

There are talks to remove the physical toll plazas and start GPS based toll deduction as per the length of highway used by vehicles.
This would be good.
The GPS device shall be connected with the proposed App.
When all vehicles are supposed to be fitted with GPS device, it would be easier to keep track of movement vehicular traffic and detection of traffic jams, vehicle breakdown or accidents.
Also, different highway sections have different maximum speed limits. The GPS can detect the vehicle speed and automatically signal the vehicle ECM through the App to restrict the vehicle speed.
Some emergency vehicles such as Police, Ambulances, Fire Emergency Vehicles can be exempted from this.

ARUN KUMAR GUPTA 1 week 2 days ago

Vehicle overloading is a serious problem.
Overloading damages the road surface.
Overloading causes wear and tear in vehicle parts and results in failures and vehicle breakdowns. Many such vehicles can be found on highways with broken axles or wheels.
Overloading causes serious accidents also as brakes are not able to stop the overloaded vehicles. Brakes are not designed to take up the momentum of overloaded vehicles moving at high speeds. It simply fails and vehicle goes out of control.
Overloading slows down the movement of vehicles at highways.
I had attended a webinar organised by Institutions of Engineers to weigh the moving vehicles at toll plazas without any disturbance to movement of vehicles. It was told that the technology is already tried at some toll plazas successfully.
Why it is not incorporated at other toll plazas by NHAI is not known.
We know the problem, we know the consequences, we have the solution but perhaps we do not have will power to solve the problems.

Deepali Hingne 1 week 2 days ago

all should we connected &
gather to exchange information time 2 time
try to less brothring cases
avoid unnecessary damage harmness

Deepali Hingne 1 week 2 days ago

highway authority
by technology up 2 dated all information time 2 time
then upper to lower body including local authorities & village panchayat /vendor dhaba
take follow up

Deepali Hingne 1 week 2 days ago

do rain water harvesting in highways
previously i suggested crush plastic & mix it in road making
& then
reuse of plastic gadgets
few shelters to make beautiful as well as 2 rest
even solar system cn be utilize
if make a plan then if all follow rules cn be possible
take help of toll both then to nearby villages/ढाबा ets
reuse plastic gadgets - make road side barricades
then toilet & 4 water - deep irrigation under road pond /pipeline by reuse plastic

Deepali Hingne 1 week 2 days ago

यात्रा सिर्फ सुखद ना बनाकर उसे यादगार भी बना सकते हैं
मदत करके पहचान बढ़ाकर
नियमों का पालन करके
क्यों कि अंतिम लक्ष्य destination नहीं यात्रा कि पहचान है
सुनहरी यादें मिलना/याराना
तभी होगा जब खुद का घर समझ कर यात्रा करेंगे
यादें संजोए बांटेंगे
this will help in tourism

Deepali Hingne 1 week 2 days ago

4 few people travelling r passion
so making their passion by helping them
even when outsiders who travelled
let them feels proud by travelling in r country
tourism help to keep nation ideal
& help economy of r country


Honorable PM, I would like to say that, Water, Agricultural Food, Trees, etc are most important for future. World is suffering for Drinking Water and Food. In my opinion, wherever Highway is under construction we should not cut trees, agricultural land, ponds or lakes, etc. There should be Pillar construction with Flyover. Land should not be spoiled.
And wherever low level areas and agricultural areas are for storage of rain water is available that should not be granted for any industrial or residential buildings.
All dry and hilly areas can be developed for industrial growth and residential purpose. Also those areas can be planted with trees to protect from summer. Hope to consider my point in the discussion.

Deepali Hingne 1 week 2 days ago

if u cn feed information
4 which purpose u r traveling
in business purposes
or make a fun trip
or any emergency reason
or educational purposes or 4 job
if these included in categories
may less bothering & helping others also

DINESH CHANDRA Dhyani 1 week 2 days ago

Govt should direct local authorities such as SDM to travel national highways under their district atleast once in month so that they can judge difficulties faced by locals and they can suggest remedial actions