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India’s story of Digital Transformation is a story of Innovation, Implementation and Inclusion.
India has pioneered uniquely innovative digital projects, implemented population scale transformational projects and ensured digital inclusion – with an objective of providing affordable access to digital services to all citizens.

India’s digital transformation journey has left an indelible mark in all walks of life, and is ensuring digital access, digital delivery of services and digital inclusion of all, based on technology that is sustainable, affordable and transformative.

Today, India boasts of the world’s 3rd highest number of Startups with new unicorns sprouting almost every week. During the last couple of years, Digital India has played a significant role in the nation’s resilient response to the deadly pandemic. Digital technologies have enabled the Government to reach remote parts of the country at the click of a button. Post the pandemic, India has emerged as the pre-eminent nation in the use of technology for a resilient economy and for people-centric governance.

To celebrate the digital transformation of India, a Digital India Week is being organized from July 4-9, 2022 which shall be inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

The aim of Digital India Week is to showcase India’s technological prowess to the world, explore collaboration and business opportunities for tech startups and inspire citizens by presenting a techade of opportunities for them.

The overarching theme for the week will be ‘Digital India: Catalyzing New India’s Techade’ - showcasing India's journey from a consumer of technology to leading the future of technology.

Grand Expo with 400+ exhibits spanning 4 themes

72,000+ Startups, 103 Unicorns

Startups & Innovation

72,000+ Startups,
103 Unicorns

Digital Government

Digital Government




Machine Learning,
Quantum Computing,
Big Data

India Talent

India Talent

Initiatives for Skilling
& Upskilling to Enhance
India Talent Pool

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Quiz on Digital India Week



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