AYUSH For Immunity


Use of Ayush-based solutions for strengthening Immunity

Healthcare practices advocated by Ayush systems (namely Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa-Rigpa and Homoeopathy) are known to promote general wellness. In fact, they exert a positive impact both on the mind and the body. These practices aim to go beyond the symptoms diseasesand work on the overall strengths and weakness of an individual.They are normally free of side-effects, and their rewards are long-lasting.

COVID-19 has brought in new challenges before the health care system. With no definite cure for the disease, the health care systems all over world are stretched to their limits. The surest and safest way to survice the pandemic is to avoid falling sick. As a result, immunity of a person has become the key factor in prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

The strength of AYUSH systems in strengthening the natural immune system of the human bodyis well known. They provide solutions for this using readily available herbs, condiments etc., many of which are also widely used in our day to day cooking. The fact that the AYUSH medicines and therapies have negligible side effects is also a reason for their wide acceptability.

For many of us, our childhood memories include decoctions or medicines consumed to prevent disease like flu or viral infections. During the current pandemic also, the Ayush medicines and therapies have been extensively used,especially for prevention of disease. Documented and undocumented reports about Ayush-based solutions helpingboth in prevention of and recovery from Covid -19are increasingly seen in the public domain. Correct information about such solutions needs to be made available to the people across the country in easy formats, so that they can adopt them in their daily lives.


Ayurveda Practioners
Guidelines for Ayurveda Practioners for COVID-19
Homeopathic Practioners
Guidelines for Homeopathic Practioners for COVID-19
Siddha Practioners
Guidelines for Siddha Practioners for COVID-19
Unani Practioners
Guidelines for Unani Practioners for COVID-19
Yoga Practioners
Guidelines for Yoga Practioners for COVID-19


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Use of Ayush-based solutions for strengthening Immunity


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