Atal Tinkering Lab Marathon 2019

Atal Tinkering Lab Marathon 2019

This year we give you the opportunity to design your marathon! All the School students of India will unleash their creativity and innovate for a better school environment and therefore a happier childhood.

Tell us about the problems you face within your school and that might just be the theme of this year’s marathon and the entire country will work towards solving it.

  • Have you ever faced bullying in your school or online?
  • Do you feel discriminated against?
  • Are the surroundings of your school unsafe or unhygienic?

Or is there any other problem that you think could be solved for a healthy and peaceful society and its development. Here’s your chance to do something about it!

No problem is too trivial and every problem has a solution.

Remember it is not a sprint but a marathon, so go slow and think hard on what you want to achieve with your solution. Reach milestones along the way and work towards creating a big impact in the school environment and the wellbeing of yourself and others facing the same problem.

Milestones of the Marathon

Phase 1
Share your problem statements based on your experience in your school.
WHAT is the problem in your school that you wish you highlight?


The broad categories under which the problems can be identified are shown below. You are free to address any other relevant problem which requires immediate solution by clicking on the image.

Quality Education

Equality for All

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Good Health and Well-being

Phase 2
Vote on the Shortlisted Problem Statement/Themes

'All of you students of India shared some of your most hard hitting problems with us. Below are the broad themes that emerged from them. Please vote on a problem statement that you associate with and would like to solve in this ATL Marathon 2019.'

Vote on the Shortlisted Problem Statement/Themes

Phase 3
Select a problem statement that you associate with and Research and ideate to solve it.

Phase 4
INNOVATE for the problem statement selected by you for the Research and Ideation
And IMPLEMENT the solution within your school or community.