Tune in to Mann Ki Baat by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 26th September 2021

Tune in to Mann Ki Baat by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 26th September 2021

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R Manoharan 9 months 6 days ago

Honourable PM ji.Nowadays Bank Frauds are increasing by a group of people making unanimous calls to the public, asking them their Bank details.Educated people are not responding, and village people responding the calls and lost their money.All Banks sent messages to the public not to respond the calls.Instead of it, the investigation department, police department should track the callers and arrest them.Then only others won't do the same modus operandi fraudulent activities.

Vijay Kumar sharma 9 months 6 days ago

6)It is God who is running our nation and hope he continues to do Nehru made himself more popular than his country He was chacha and big brother was Chao who was given Tibet and also veto power and there was king CM of JK and threw all Pandits out Nehru simply annoyed His Big Face outside Hope wisdom prevail now
7) The number game is unpredictable and Mamta can run with the help of unconstitutional APEASEMENT the some one else can also come Only God May not allow mistakes of Ashok

Vijay Kumar sharma 9 months 6 days ago

5) congress mukt Bharat it is heard but who did In 1969 Indira did by making new congress and MADE INDIA congress mukt from 1885 congress Then as Nehru died and she came to power BANGAL was congress mukt and most of South also congress mukt Then Maya and Mulayam made UP congress mukt and Lalu and Nitish made Biharcongress mukt ALL MUKT Then Gujarat was made partially congress mukt NOT FULLY So it all happened automatically But without effort or with just SOCH OF antakaran nothing can be

Vijay Kumar sharma 9 months 6 days ago

2) if Mamta wins and becomes CM and continued Khela without any action on those who lost most in khela IT will be comparable to Durect action day of 46 and it is not a good massage for delay of justice to the suffered
3) Prithwiraj made mistake 22 times God will not forgive him one time the entire world was destroyed due to his small mistake
4)Ashok adopted Ahinsa But HIS ENEMY did not Result was destruction of great university Nalanda God will not forgive Ashok because he shirk Rajdhar

Vijay Kumar sharma 9 months 6 days ago

Most respected Modi ji,
To suggest to you on the Mann ki baat is just like showing candle to Sun
However I would like to put forward my Mann ki baat
I know you are very busy and may not be able to get on my Mann ki baat but I would like to try and hope for the best
1) Many citizens have lost lots of their savings in the bank DUE to Digitilization and the fraud is being done without much relief ASSUME if a senior citizen looses his entire or part of that money what is his situation

Udita Shiromani 9 months 6 days ago

Honourable prime minister
At many occasions we've noticed that the American presidents like Barack Obama always used to pin their nation's flag miniature on their blazers. It delivers a beautiful message to countrymen regarding ALWAYS COUNTRY FIRST and an impeccable devotion towards motherland. Having the nation's flag near heart gives an amazing feeling of patriotism. We believe that all of our ministers who represent and work for our nation at various levels should also follow this practice.

Rajiv Jain 9 months 6 days ago

Dear sir.
As festival are on govt is aware to protect from kovid to the people.
What people will do .is they think honestly .
75 years of freedom india now fight at any level.

Govinda Agrawal 9 months 6 days ago

Dear PM Sir,
The business of e-commerce company should be closed in India, due to this the business of Indian shopkeepers is on the verge of closure, and this is also one of the reasons for the increase in unemployment.due to online shopping of customers,transport,labour,shopkeeper,shop worker's work has all stopped. Therefore, it is requested to the honorable that in the interest of Indians and keeping in view the increasing unemployment, e-commerce company's should be banned.

RATNAKAR KAMU KIRTANY 9 months 6 days ago

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