Preparation and Filing of Form GST TRAN 1 (in English Language)

Webinar Coverage:
1. Overview of TRAN 1
2. Demo of TRAN 1
3. Question and Answers

“Shashi Bhushan Singh is working as Vice President in Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) since August 2015 and is associated with the development of Return, Transition and Audit Modules and Return Offline Utility. Prior to this he was working as Joint Commissioner in Commercial tax Department, UP Government. He holds a Master’s Degree in Management from IIM Bangalore and also is a B.Tech,, M.Tech from Institute of Technology (IT) BHU, Varanasi.”

Date: 6th September
Time: 4:00PM

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SUMNESH AGARWAL 2 years 8 months ago

GST retun is cumbersome.
In case of Exports, when shipping bill number has been loaded then why are we asked to fill HSN code of each and every item in the Invoice.
If there are 26 items in an invoice then 26 baseless entries for that particular invoice are required to be completed whereas if shipping number is completed all details are already available for the respective shipment.

Neetu Singh 2 years 8 months ago

Sir since GST has come into being..we are paying more taxes from 12% to now 18%, though there are rules to charging GST but no one is complying to it.For example GST in an AC restaurant dine-in should be charged at 18%..but everyone is charging the same.I have not seen anywhere paying less than 18% (center+state)in case for anything. poor middle class tax payer is burderend with this while the very poor & very rich take the benefit. we taxpayers have to pay tax for everyone n everything.