PM Narendra Modi's interaction with the beneficiaries of Digital India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will do live interaction with the beneficiaries of various schemes of Digital India on 15th June, 2018 at 9:30 AM onwards.

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Sarang Newalkar 2 years 1 month ago

We also should have one digital center per village , district and city which will connect people and also people can visit to get the information about digital services for same. it will also help for employment and thorough those center IT services also can be provided to generate the revenue and also we can provide multiple services like lapotp smart phone in less amount through make in India intiatives.

Sarang Newalkar 2 years 1 month ago

Dear Modi Sir, As per my view, if we want to make digital india we have to connect to all people of india to avail the services and make aware of digital services to everyone. in India we have no of people from villages who doesn't know the fucntioning of ATM, Computer , Net banking , Online Bill Payment so we should have session in villages to promote the use of digital media so that people will understand the benefits of it. secondly we have to provide the digital services for same.

Yallappa SK 2 years 1 month ago

finally see my profile pic , what seeing toothbrushing this is the fact, cleaning Biggins with cleaning our tooth like that for digital India computer is like toothbrush need tools do work whatever your knowledge first need yooks without tools big intelligent people also sit silent , thats why provide tools of digital basic one is computer, every home should have computer if have their children becomes master piece in using digital technology uses, thank you sir for listed me.

Ramakant patel 2 years 1 month ago

प्रणाम प्रधानमंत्री जी में रमाकांत होशंगाबाद म.प्र. से
मेरा आपसे विनम्र निवेदन है। कि हमे अपना google बनाना होगा यानी social search site.
क्योकि हमारी जरूरते बड़ी है, विविधता बहुत है,निर्भरता अधिक है,कंपनियों पर जो कि हमे तकनीकी एवं मेक इण्डिया को में पीछे कर सकता है।
हम अपना डेटा सेंटर से हम अपने विकास को अवरुद्ध होने से बचा सकते है।
आप एक बार कोशिश करके उसे परिणत कीजिये आने वाली पीढ़िया आपकी ऋणी रहेगी।
क्योकि निर्भरता अधिक रहेगी।

Yallappa SK 2 years 1 month ago

sir finally please do rules 1) Evry house must have computer system. 2) In that computer must have, UPI money transfer, banking , e-commerce tools , 3) he should pay his electricity bill, gas bill, water bill, telephone bill, home revenue, return taxes , mobile recharge, money transfer from his computer then see how much thousand laks of transfer in digital without paper or cash, every thing starts from his own computer , thank you so much sir for listening my words, i hope my inner words touch

Dr JAYANT R AHIRRAO 2 years 1 month ago

Dear SirJi,
Myself, Dr Jayant Ahirrao thank U for Ur Digital India Initiative..
As per Ur expectations, I look forward to see PAN India making complete use of Digitization at the earliest.. ( Lot more has to be done for this yet )
I further expect implementation of use of Payment cards & Online Payments for money transactions instead of currency in hand or hard cash..
According to my knowledge this will help India in Growing in all respects..!!
Jai Hind..!!

Yallappa SK 2 years 1 month ago

if i have computer today , i uses computer to watch live streaming online mun ki baat or with modiji , why because I not money to buy laptop or desktop computer, thats why I am telling in this computer yuga , must and should have computer system, in this case he will pay his electricity bill from his computer only because his banking is their in his home only he starts pay his revenue from his own home computer, miracles begins starts from every home of India, then India becomes Digital India :

Yallappa SK 2 years 1 month ago

modi unkle ji we telling this is computer yuga, where is computer only in rich peoples home in this case country will go digital, digital starts with computer, so provide computer make rules every should have compulsory computer then they will train to use digital technologies control his home , business and Education, share market , industrial technology, daily updates, email , etc then digital borns in his blood automatically India , why in every government offices have computer just think why