Naya Raipur Smart City Webinar-3 - Informing Citizens about ABD and Pan City Projects

NRDA through this Webinar would like to inform the citizens of Naya Raipur about the zone of ABD which has been selected along with the list of different probable ABD and Pan City Projects. Polling for the selection of ABD zone has been done on mygov as well as offline and the zone having maximum number of vote has been selected as the ABD zone.

The views and insights of citizens were taken into account while deciding the Area Based Development Strategy and Components. Also all the key issue face by citizens has been deliberated upon and then the pan city projects were decided.

Both the ABD and Pan City projects are decided in such a way so as to make Naya Raipur an Environmentally, Socially and Economically sustainable.
Please watch this page on 22nd March 2017 for more details on Naya Raipur Smart City Proposal.

Speaker: Mr. Salil Rai Shrivastava, Chief Engineer, NRDA
Date -: 22nd March 2017
Time -: 2pm to 5 pm
Venue -: CEO office, NRDA

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