Naya Raipur Smart City Webinar 2 Speech - The Key Issues for Naya Raipur Citizens

NRDA envisage, Naya Raipur to be developed as a city that will be modern in the use of technology, uphold worthy traditions and core values, and conserve the prevailing man- nature symbiotic culture as well as abundant natural & cultural assets in the region. The citizens will be offered a wide range of living options with equity and dignity. NRDA want to establish Naya Raipur as a Smart City that is responsive and integrated, a city which improves inhabitant’s quality of life, promotes economic growth, and protect the environment from degradation.

During last two month of proposal making NRDA has engaged with citizens across different geography and social strata using various offline (mygov, facebook, twitter) and online (workshops, survey forms) mediums. The key challenges poll were conducted in and in Facebook page as well. Citizens have overwhelmingly participated in these activities and provided their valuable insights. NRDA taking cognizance of the view have identified the major issue concerning the citizens and have framed the Vision and Goals of the Naya Raipur Smart City accordingly.

The major issues which came out are employment opportunity, safety & security, last mile connectivity, solid waste management, traffic related fatality to name few. NRDA has also started preparing ABD solutions and Pan City Solutions keeping these issues in their mind.

NRDA thanks citizens for supporting in identifying the major burning issues and thus helping in preparing a better and sustainable Smart City Proposal.

Date of Webinar: 4th March 2017
Time: 3:30PM - 4:00PM
Speaker: Mr Salil Rai Shrivastava, chief engineer, NRDA
Venue: CEO Office, Naya Raipur

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