Itanagar SCP Webinar 4: Urging Feedback for Draft Smart City Proposal for Itanagar

Itanagar is in its last leg of the Smart Cities Challenge where the Draft Proposal with identified Area-based and Pan-City solutions has been uploaded on MyGov for citizen viewing. The objective of this fourth Webinar shall be to sensitize citizens about the solutions proposed and to urge them to share their feedback on the Draft Proposal.

Based on over 2.9 Lakh responses received through online and offline media IMC was able to identify and prioritize the issues and challenges of Itanagar and also in outlining the vision and goals for the city. Citizens have also voted for selection of Area Based Development (ABD) zone. Zone B has emerged as the clear winner. Zone B includes Indira Gandhi Park, Secretariat and adjacent offices, Clock Tower area, Ganga Market and Transport Station areas. The Webinar discusses on the various solutions proposed for Area Based Development in Zone B as well as for Pan-city development.

The core objective for this Webinar is to once again request all citizens to discuss, debate and share their feedback on the proposal strategies and options that have been developed. This will give IMC a clear strategy in terms of what shall be the most successful schemes.

Speaker: Shri Prince Dhawan, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Itanagar Capital Complex
Date: 27th March, 2017
Time: 3:00 to 4:00 PM

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