Balance environmental Sustainability & Tourism with a policy document

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This task invites you to share a blueprint on how to balance tourism development with local ecosystems. For example, the Himalayan states have become hotbeds for tourists from ...

This task invites you to share a blueprint on how to balance tourism development with local ecosystems. For example, the Himalayan states have become hotbeds for tourists from across India and the world. Yet, the arrival of tourists has put considerable strain on the local ecosystem.

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sushil agarwal 5 years 10 months ago

Existing tourist places are over crowded, putting strain on ecosystem. These were mainly developed during British Era. Each site has a maximum carrying capacity that should be respected. Other beautiful locations in vicinity of these places be developed as tourist hubs. There is huge scope for exploiting tourism opportunities in J&k and North Eastern States. Sound infrastructure, law and order, cleanliness, removal of beggars, petty thieves and unorganized vendors should be ensured by the Govts.

Akshatha Nayak 5 years 10 months ago

To promote tourism one has to know the nature of the tourists and the kind of tourism spot they tend to seek. Mostly there are 4 types -Nature explorers & Adventure sports seekers, Pilgrims, Research scholars and Vacationing tourists. Fortunately India has rich resources and is capable to fulfill the kind of tourism any kind of tourist will need. A well defined digital tourist guide followed by the GPS navigation shall be made available. Some suggestions in the PDF-

Ashutosh Piperia 5 years 10 months ago

Green India is a thought of every Indians, tourism and ecosystem can easily managed by providing local drivers (gov), they can properly handle and guide the tourists to care the local ecosystem.
It will increase the local employment,
it will helpful in maintaining proper rules and regulations,
It will help in reducing accidents,
Gives opportunity to stop damage to the ecosystem.
They can provide maximum visiting places to the tourist,
At end a motivating medal to tourists for being eco-friendly

Nayan Singh 5 years 10 months ago

The basic is to develop an application for Android, IOS, etc which will be in synchronization with a
website where all the data will be updated. The idea behind this is to make an Online Government
Complaint Portal through mobile application. Now days smartphones are available to maximum part of
our population, so it will be an ease for the general people to register their day today mishappenings or
mal-practices or anything to the government portal that will be updated on the website portal....

Narayanan TR 5 years 10 months ago

1. Renovate temples.
2. Create Festivals to celebrate and showcase different regional tourist location and their culture.
3. Save the natural beauty of the famous tourist places by restricting construction to a specified limit/sqkm.
4. Rewarding local artists who preserve old art forms.

Rajkaran Singh Bhatti 5 years 10 months ago

Respected Sir,

Kindly find attached a detailed file on the subject. Summary of the same is as under :-

1. Urgent need to involve locals in Policy making
2. More trains, buses to reduce traffic, pollution levels
3. More adventure tourist centres be set up on scientific lines
4. Setting up of waste management plants
5. Raising of Tourist Police force, trained guides, research of tourist behaviour etc.....

Rajkaran Singh Bhatti

R Kamath 5 years 10 months ago

MyGov task to prepare a policy doc. to promote tourism along with effect of tourism dev. on eco. balance has been done thro' a PPT presentation.
In nutshell, India needs area specific tourism dev. plans, & while doing so, it sd ensure that, ecology of d area remains relatively unharmed, but at d same time, job opportunities and economic uplifting of the local populace remains unaffected too! ABOVE ALL, I ALSO SUGGEST THE GOVT. TO START A 'TTV- TOURISM TV' CHANNEL IN THE LINES OF NAT.GEO.!