Live Talk with Shri Prakash Javadekar on #TransformingIndia

MyGov is organising a series of Talks on #TransformingIndia with Union Ministers to share the impact of various government initiatives across sectors. On 10th June 2016, Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Shri Prakash Javadekar will interact live with citizens at 4PM.

Citizens are invited to share their ideas and post their questions on MyGov using the hashtag #TransformingIndia.

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Nitish Thappa
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Nitish Thappa 6 years 5 months ago

Mr Javadekar, my query is in relation to Fracking. Since the pros and cons of fracking are being discussed in countries like the US and UK. What are your views related to use of fracking for shale gas exploration. Many environmental issues related to fracking are being discussed and debated. What do you think about this? #TransformingIndia

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HEMAL AJITBHAI SHAH 6 years 5 months ago

Fogging machine for mosquitoes is continuous working on the road. It is not require for on road. It should be on in the society, flats, chali ect to reduce pollution.Municipal Corporation tender time line should be strictly followed. Late penalty charges should be laid.To stop unnecessary electricity burning in all Government sector.Municipal Corporation is highest lazy and corrupted department. To take some necessary steps to reduce corruption.
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Kishan Lal 6 years 5 months ago

On digital media so much show off of 2 years outcomes, still why people know little and getting less advantage of govt. initiative. The system need to be made easy, accessible, uniform, and free of too much expenses, delays, varieties, irresponsibility, corruption & manipulation and this need done until bottom level. What is being done to meet it? I advice to ministries & its minister & Staff to do sudden visits to the departments & public to get to know realities & to plan of action.

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HITENDRA_10 6 years 5 months ago

My village is electrified during the year. But contractor has not used the concrete mix for standing the poll. It done by the use of soil only. I observe that it will not last single rainy season. Meter connection is also not provided to house hold. Kindly look in to matter and do the needful.

Vill. Kajibigha, near bir oiyara village, block fathua, District patna

Arindam Banerjee_8
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Arindam Banerjee_8 6 years 5 months ago


Most respectfully , there is an urgent need to restrict and eliminate the play of brokers , bookie and all fraudulent people who take TATKAL RESERVATION very high handedly , charge huge sum of money to passengers. Also some malicious software are in vogue that takes lesser pinging time to book a tatkal confirmed birth. Please do needfull to check all those malicious software and those bookie which recklessly plays with the money and convenience of common citizen.

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Vijay Narayana Chilaka 6 years 5 months ago

#TransformingIndia It is disheartening to see burning of Uttarakhand forest fires for 95 days and Govt using inefficient helicoptors with few big buckets of water to put it off. Why cant we buy or develop Airborne (Dornier Aircraft ) water spray systems as Australia other countries use. We need scientific methods to stop forest fires with natural pools,cantours,checkdams etc in Himalayas and other places. Punish any body putting fire to forests stringently (land maffia,timber smuglers)
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Vijay Narayana Chilaka 6 years 5 months ago

#TransformingIndia Sir Andhrapradesh planning a Tourism corridor along its 1000 km coastline.It may spoil all Ecology,environment in coastal zone. Govt needs to order to develop a 10- 20 km Green belt with plants that can withstand Cyclones like Peepal,Banyan, Tamarind,Neem,Palm group trees etc along Coast. Also all irrigation tanks, lakes digged during Vijayanagar empire needs to be protected along with its rain catchment areas for reviving greenery in Rayalaseema arid zone.
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Vijay Narayana Chilaka 6 years 5 months ago

#TransformingIndia Govt needs to encourage Research in containing pollution from Three wheeler autos, Diesel lorries buses etc for developing Airfilter,particle filter kits to be attached to Exhuast pipes of these vehicles for 3 years. Also BSII to BSIII Standard technology to be developed in all Diesel vehicles particularly City buses Lorries etc.
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Anupam Priyadarshee 6 years 5 months ago

Sir to transform India I think we should build better law and order that is equal to everyone and which should be followed properly, addon to it heavy fines should be charged to law violators and people should be punished. Even in jail there should be no free lunches until they work and the prisoners should be given salary according to their work and for everything they should be charged which after final billing should be handed over to them as cash when they get released
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Vijay Narayana Chilaka 6 years 5 months ago

#TransformingIndia In Hyderabad I regularly see trees are being cut irresponsibly upto stem level by ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT after nurturing them for 10- 18 years by Urban Forestry or citizens. A policy needs to be developed to lay Underground electicity cables wherever possible, and order all Electricity departments to cut only top branches. Or levy Plant cost like 15000 - 50000 spent on it for such cutting and use it for aforestration in other place.