Theme VI: Integrating Skill Development in Higher Education

1) Should skill based courses be made a part of regular courses so as to increase employability?

2) What are the other ways in which skill can be integrated with Higher Education?

3) Should it not allow entry at any stage and temporary exit at the end of any semester?

4) Can some of the colleges in the Dist. be converted into Community Colleges for skill development? If
so, do they have infrastructure and teaching faculty?

5) Which colleges are well located to start off their courses ‘Skill development’ for regular
students (Requirement in faculty should be available close by to be engaged on contract)

6) In your district, which skill based courses would be appropriate?

7) In your State, which skill based courses would be appropriate?

8) Should B. Voc be encouraged with different specializations in Universities What are the practical
difficulties in allowing multiple entry & exit?

9) How can Universities harmonizing skills based courses within existing curricula

10) Should Universities indicate the employability index of all courses offered by them?