Theme V: Improving State Public Universities

1) In what way will giving autonomy to colleges improve their performance?

2) Is it desirable that fees be increased with waiver for needy students?

3) Should Governing body be empowered with decisions making powers?

4) Whether lack of infrastructure is a major factor for lack of quality in state colleges? if so what
are the requirements

5) Whether poor quality faculty is affecting institutional and student performance? What solutions can
be offered?

6) How can State colleges function better with administrative & financial autonomy?

7) Should colleges be given academic autonomy for creating new courses ?

8) Can colleges become more self-sustaining by increasing student fees ?

9) What are the ways for increasing revenue in state colleges?

10) What are the solutions for faculty issues: Should contract teachers be replaced by permanent
teachers? And /Or Should teachers be removed when they do not perform?

11) Should administrative & financial autonomy be given to the State Universities?

12) Should Universities be given academic autonomy for offering new academic programmes?

13) Is the lack of infrastructure and faculty the main reasons for poor quality of State Universities?

14) Should State Universities be guided by State Higher Education Councils for carrying out academic
& Curricular reforms

15) What kind of changes are needed in the assessment and examination systems in State Universities

16) How can State Universities improve their financial performance?