PMO App Idea Submission Clusters

When a user lands on the MyGov Contest page, he is first prompted to vote on an idea, and then submit an idea if already not submitted. While submitting an idea, the user needs to use a hashtag to indicate the category under which the idea comes.

Other users can click on a particular hashtag to see all ideas under that hashtag/category.

The three categories are:

  1. Information: What information would you like to know about the Prime Minister and Prime Minister’s Officer readily? Examples include:

    • Profile of the Prime Minister

    • Cabinet Ministers and Portfolios

  2. Interaction: Interact with the Prime Minister and help the Prime Minister interact with you. Ideas relating to interaction can include:

    • Send a message or idea to the Prime Minister

    • Pledge support to a campaign e.g. Swacch Bharat Abhiyan cleaning selfie upload

    • Donate to the Prime Minister’s relief fund

  3. Broadcast: Stay updated on the latest with the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s Office, These ideas involve daily updates that you as a user would like to get. Examples include:

    • Weekly address to the Nation on different issues on YouTube through the app

    • Speeches made by the Prime Minister can be sent as a push notification to watch live on the app