Inviting Ideas for PM Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat on 29th September, 2019

Last Date Sep 28,2019 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

PM Narendra Modi looks forward to sharing his thoughts on themes and issues that matter to you. The Prime Minister invites you to share your ideas on topics he should address on ...

PM Narendra Modi looks forward to sharing his thoughts on themes and issues that matter to you. The Prime Minister invites you to share your ideas on topics he should address on the 57th Episode of Mann Ki Baat.

Send us your suggestions on the themes or issues you want the Prime Minister to speak about in the upcoming Mann Ki Baat episode. Share your views in this Open Forum or alternatively you can also dial the toll-free number 1800-11-7800 and record your message for the Prime Minister in either Hindi or English. Some of the recorded messages may become part of the broadcast.

You can also give a missed call on 1922 and follow the link received in SMS to directly give your suggestions to the Prime Minister.

And stay tuned to Mann Ki Baat at 11:00 AM on 29th September, 2019

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Vikram Chauhan 2 minutes 4 sec ago

Respected Sir , only you can do it . I keep dreaming when our nation will be called by One name . India name given by british , Hindustan name came in to existence after partition and Bharat name came into existence during Mahabharat times . This nation will be indebted to you if you give this nation one name i.e Bharat . You will see many things will get solved because name Bharat has very soothing , calming effect . One Nation , one law and one name. rgds vikram chauhan,panipat(har)9896351770

GURUSANKARAN L 2 minutes 38 sec ago

PM sir we all thanks for he announcement of one time plastic banned in super. What about worker that produce this products in long time Woking this sector. The all workers will lose the job Are your office any plan that worker but I have a idea for that Why you will open a KHADI Board and produce this products it will help worker and also Gandhiji birthday it will happened it is very nice.

HFXXXXXXCC 6 minutes 55 sec ago

INDIA me unIemploymnt ka ye bhi ek karan he k kai sare exm ke date ek din pad jati h or student confuse rehta h ki ab kon si exam de us din, pata chala jo exam diya uske tyari nhi thi sahi se ,or jo nhi diya wo tyar tha sahi se, is liya do exam ki same date na hone ke liye KUCH kare Respected PM, jaise Intellignence bureau ka exm ki date or SSC Chsl ke exm ke date dono 29 septmbr h KON sa exam de smjh nhi a raha aap hi kuch help kre warna mera ek exam miss ho joyega mai phir berojgar rahuga

Bhola singh jangade 7 minutes 55 sec ago

हम इस देश के युवाओं को 20 से ₹25000 की नौकरी देने में सोचते हैं तो क्या उन पेंशन धारियों को जो बैठे-बैठे 50 से ₹60000 कमा रहे हैं उनके बारे में नहीं सोचना चाहिए क्या उस में कटौती करके दो युवकों रोजगार प्रदान नहीं किया जा सकता

IGXXXXXXGG 8 minutes ago

Sir, Please make it compulsory to introduce nutritional diet in all schools both in private and govt Parks and open area spaces in all towns for elders and children .Parks are not maintained well We need to improve the town planning skills at root level [corporation and municipality ]land scarping and horticulture dept in our country .

praveen kumar pathak 8 minutes 39 sec ago

माननीय प्रधानमंत्री जी, आप द्वारा,देश व समाज की समसामयिक आवश्यकताओं/समस्याओ पर आधारित, जनहित के मुद्दों को अभियान के रूप में अपनाया जाता है। इन सभी अभियानों में आम जन व स्वयंसेवी संगठनों को भी जोड़ा जाता है। किंतु देश मे कोई ऐसी व्यवस्था नही है, जो स्वयंसेवी संगठनों को एक ही प्लेटफॉर्म पर सभी तरह के सहयोग प्रदान करें। जिससे देश के सभी अंचलो में सशक्त व मजबूत स्वयंसेवी संगठन खड़े हो सके। कृपया इस दिशा में पहल करने का कष्ट करें।

Vrinda Kuttippallam Chandrakumaran 10 minutes 9 sec ago

Respected Prime Minister Modi ji . Sir I have a suggestion to increase the availability of water in our country. I think that borewells should be reduced as well as the usage of concrete so that water could seep inside the ground and increase the water table. And sir I would also like to suggest a way in which I hope everyone would be able to receive water. I hope that we should bring in the idea of saline water purifications that the gulf countries do and they are successful in supplying water

Bhola singh jangade 11 minutes 44 sec ago

इस देश में पेंशन धारी लोग बैठे-बैठे 50 से ₹60000 पेंशन लेते हैं उस में कटौती करके कुछ तो किया जा सकता है