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An open and free-flowing discussion forum where you can share your valuable ideas and suggestions on any subject of Governance and Policy-making, ideas which will help in building ...

An open and free-flowing discussion forum where you can share your valuable ideas and suggestions on any subject of Governance and Policy-making, ideas which will help in building a New India by 2022. (This forum is meant for those themes and topics which are not a part of other discussions on MyGov and yet may hold importance for citizens)

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Arun Kumar Srivastava 1 hour 15 minutes ago

Why government should not start rewarding informer of crime. Why every citizen should not be hurdle for crimes.

Kumaran, S 1 hour 16 minutes ago

Dear Sir, As a first step for Water Saving, we can create small ponds/lakes/Reservoirs in the Govt.Lands by each one of us involvement, i.e.every citizen to contribute to excavate / dig a designate 3 mtr L x 3 mtr B x 2 mtr D area (18,000 liters) storage x 130 crore people. By considering the existing storage facilities + above additions, we will have surplus water i.e. there will not be any water scarcity for us. This we can plan in 12 months + execution in 6 months.

Arun Kumar Srivastava 1 hour 17 minutes ago

Why we don't develop a supercomputer with Sanskrit instead of waiting when America get benefits of Sanskrit computing.

Arun Kumar Srivastava 1 hour 21 minutes ago

Government banned use of public plastic bags. I think it's not a good decision because of this reason-
I think government should regulate plastic use instead of banning it. I think government should bought plastic bagsl8 at suitable price which price can attract people to sell it instead of throwing it. If government buy this these plastic bags these are beneficial for government because these bags are very useful in construction of good roads.

RISHIDEV ARYA 1 hour 27 minutes ago

Lets us spread awareness about the GENERIC MEDICINES. People should know that it is the salt or ingredient in any medicine, which is used to heal the body.
PRADHANMANTRI BHARTIYA JAN AUSHADHI PARIYOJNA will also get boosted by this awareness.

Prashant Dubey 1 hour 37 minutes ago

Adarniya PM Sir, Namashkar ji !!atra kushlam tatrastu!!
Idea :- To establish an space tunnel with lavitation and 3-D effect in Kashmir.
Dear sir:- I am Prashant, a mechanical engineer from Delhi. My idea is to make an innovative space tunnel for R&D and a tourism park purpose for whole world. This will help to increase the employment, revenue, R&D and education for students of all levels. My idea is seeking your kind attention.
Waiting in your supportive response.

saivasu pedasingu 1 hour 54 minutes ago

please open all india innovation ranking of students based on that give govt jobs and college seats so that people attract towards innovation, and come out of cpaching center, go to project training center, if every years 100 innovations are sucessful, then it will create 100 industries every year, our education system has forced students to invest on marks in competitive exams rather than shifting the focus towards innovation,

saivasu pedasingu 2 hours 10 minutes ago

all india level par 12 th class students aur graduates ko unka innovation ka bal par govt jobs dijiya based on thier innovation ranking without any exam, then only india can beat china in innovation, please attract the students towards innovation by giving direct govt jobs and college seats based on their innovation ranking withput any exam aur. jo seats baad mai bach jaaate hai unka liya exam kara liya but give first preference job creator not job absorber, jab aisa hoga tab saara students j

Raiza Goel 2 hours 14 minutes ago

Dear government
My concern is that about article is being discussed upon till now and this is because the MPs are not of the same decision. The opposition parties are opposing this step which gives other countries an opportunity to oppose it. You should try to solve this decision within yourselves first the abolishment of article 370 is a very good step to promote integrity of India I being a 13 year old believe that is hard for kids that area to deal with problems on a daily bas

saivasu pedasingu 2 hours 18 minutes ago

dear sir, jo log 12 mai acha projects banata hai unko please direct admission dejiya. iit and nit ka selction ka liya un students yah math kahiya ki. iit mai admission. lana hai toh exam crack kara dusra desho mai agar. koi innovation kara toh un students ko scholar ship milte hai aur direct admission aur govt job milte hai, talented students ka samaan hota hai aur hmara desh 100 mai kitna marks aaya hai uska samaan hota hai. hmara system na students ko coaching centet ki taraf dakhale diya log