Government invites public comments on draft guidelines for Skills Universities

Draft guidelines for Skills Universities are formulated by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) in consultation with multiple stakeholders including Skills ...

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Draft guidelines for Skills Universities are formulated by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) in consultation with multiple stakeholders including Skills Universities. These are placed on the MSDE website for comments/ feedback.

Comments and suggestions may be sent at or submitted on by 21st October 2018.

National Policy for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship 2015 emphasized the importance of Skills Universities to be promoted either as de-novo institutions or as a part of existing university landscape. Further, in the wake of Skill India Mission, a number of universities with the nomenclature of “Skills Universities” have come up. However, they are following different norms and varying nomenclature for the degrees awarded, in the absence of common standards in the skills arena.

Skills based education differs from its general counterpart in terms of curriculum, pedagogy, faculty, mode of delivery, eligibility and assessment criteria, etc. and thus, would require a separate set of norms. The purpose of these guidelines is to lay down minimum norms for the establishment and functioning of Skills Universities to ensure adherence to minimum standards as India ventures into these new skilling avenues.

These guidelines do not intend to supersede the extant UGC norms regarding the regulation of higher education in India.

Click here to read Draft guidelines for Skills Universities.

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Ash Kharel's picture

Ash Kharel 1 hour 59 minutes ago

The draft is a skeletal presentation and very bare at the moment. There's a lot of info that should go in before it's even a GoI draft. Having said that >>
I believe, learning in tradition school setting will be obsolete in about 20 years time. There's no point investing in Academic Infrastructure at the moment. Govt's focus to fill the skills gap can be handled by private/govt academic institutions by forcing curriculum on varied areas or having several real life choices for students.

Kaushik Vyas's picture

Kaushik Vyas 7 hours 30 minutes ago

The draft must have been prepared by the academicians or with the help of research scholars, scientists, industry,process experts, I am not sure. How any university can develop skill or develop entrepreneurship? Like a film actors has some basic talent of acting,than the director grooms his acting skill and bring out best from an actor, similarly the universities should provide atmosphere, guidance(provided they themselves are having that kind of expertise and not like Ph d. guide.

Anil Kumar Tiwari_1's picture

Anil Kumar Tiwari_1 8 hours 10 minutes ago

skill development universities must be organised in such a way that it must work as engine for employment and development of the country.

Suprit Gawade's picture

Suprit Gawade 16 hours 52 minutes ago

as these are skill universities so universities should frame there syllabus a with atleast 80% practical training. then only we can increase the skill of students. nit by theoretical knowledge.

Suprit Gawade's picture

Suprit Gawade 16 hours 57 minutes ago

i think there should not be any restiction on syllabus. as this is skill universities, Universities should have freedom to frame there own syllabus. also give opportunity to private players with very less investment or subsidy if required.

Subrato Roy's picture

Subrato Roy 20 hours 21 minutes ago

Odiya language has no grammar. 2-3 yrs. and Post Graduate/MA. in Odiya is all the same, if understood. Even 80% popular Naveen government is afraid to give us Odiya grammar. But it ers of New India, Skill India. We have brought this matter before 20 yrs. of governance. It went up to Orissa High Court. I hope it's pending like chit fund has cheated. No it legacy of proben(proven) government that has passed to have absolute majority. Education play a big role in democracy. Vote for Skill demo.

Pramod Kumar Gupta's picture

Pramod Kumar Gupta 21 hours 54 minutes ago

अबसे लगभग 30 वर्ष पूर्व सीनियर सेकंडरी टेक्निकल कोर्स आठवीं पास बच्चों के लिये चलाये जाते थे जिसे शार्ट में sts कहते थे इनको बडी मात्रा में पुनर्जीवत करना होगा इनकी मान्यता हाई स्कूल के बराबर होती थी इसी मॉडल को नये रूप में अपनाया जा सकता है इसके बाद बी टेक तक की पढ़ाई जारी रखी जा सकती थी

D.S. VIJAYA KUMAR's picture

D.S. VIJAYA KUMAR 1 day 20 minutes ago

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S.K.Gupta's picture

S.K.Gupta 1 day 5 hours ago

Kindly rechristen the proposed "Skills Universities" as the "Universities of Excellence".

2.Merit should be given top priority.

3.The degrees, to be awarded, should have identical contents, style and formatting.

With kindest regards