Share your ideas for PM Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat on 27th May, 2018

As always, PM Narendra Modi looks forward to sharing his thoughts on themes and issues that matter to you. The Prime Minister invites you to share your ideas on topics he should ...

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As always, PM Narendra Modi looks forward to sharing his thoughts on themes and issues that matter to you. The Prime Minister invites you to share your ideas on topics he should address on the 44th Episode of Mann Ki Baat.

Send us your suggestions on the themes or issues you want the Prime Minister to speak about.

Share your views in this Open Forum or alternatively you can also dial the toll free number 1800-11-7800 and record your message for the Prime Minister in either Hindi or English. Some of the recorded messages may become part of the broadcast.

You can also give a missed call on 1922 and follow the link received in SMS to directly give your suggestions to the Prime Minister.

And stay tuned to Mann Ki Baat at 11:00 AM on 29th April, 2018.

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vemulapatipavani's picture

vemulapatipavani 6 minutes 30 sec ago

respected sir we people are living in aghabhavi bazar,near Vivekananda school,nukonda-522647, Andhra Pradesh,here we are facing major problem regarding power cut,our country go on development but we people are not such a bad position we are no one responsible line men are elctricity control room they put their lands line outside always not responsible in this horrible summer we have small kids if any power cut is their we jave to wait for till the morning 10 clock morning..

reyaz ahmad moochi's picture

reyaz ahmad moochi 1 hour 48 minutes ago

namskar modi sir ma kashmir se bol raha ho sir hamare gavoo ma aj b garreboo ko govt schemes ka faida nahe milta ha jaise PMAY etc ma chahta ho ap is ma mudakhlat kare plxxxxxx

Satyanarayana Dosapati's picture

Satyanarayana Dosapati 2 hours 49 minutes ago

Dear Narendra Modi ji, Namaste. All the Government electronic media reach out seem to be in English and Hindi only. The South Indian languages (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam) speakers can immensely benefit from these. Also South India with higher level of education will only help more utilization of these facilities. Another idea is when there is extortion by State/Central Govt officials for any service, citizens should be able to upload a complaint easily.

vishal lale's picture

vishal lale 3 hours 44 minutes ago

Dear sir,
mera ye kahna hai ki agar hum ek bat per ban laga dete hai to uske badleme dusara upay karna chahiye eg.plastic bag.
Aur apne india me aisa ek department ho jisme sare alag alag proffession ke expert ho aur o daily effect ki study kare aur public ko suzav de ki uska koi dangerious effect na ho.

Varun Nitin Bhalla's picture

Varun Nitin Bhalla 3 hours 45 minutes ago

प्रधानमंत्री जी नमस्कार,

इन दिनों भारत में ख़ूब गरमी पड़ रही है और हम अकसर अपने बढ़ो से सुनते है की पहले इतनी गरमी नहीं होती थी।यह सब बढ़ते हुए प्रदूषण और घटते हुए पेड़पोधो की वजह से हो रहा है।
इस विषय में एक छोटा सा सुझाव देना चाहता हूँ । बचपन से ही स्कूल के curriculum में plantation का सबजेक्ट भी होना चाहिए। बच्चों का लगाव पोधो से बड़ेगा और अपने जीवन में अधिक से अधिक पेड़ पोधे लगाएँगे।

वरुण भल्ला
ईस्ट पटेल नगर, नयी दिल्ली

vishal vijay panchalwar's picture

vishal vijay panchalwar 4 hours 38 minutes ago

Sir I heared about atal pension Yojana.I realized that maximum people's in unorganised sector are doesn't know about it and they won't have time to collect information about it. why not we suggest the entrepreneur to make an seminar in his office for 1/2 hour to provide the information about schemes In such manner all people who working in unorganised sector who intrested in such schemes can use the schemes in their welfare . Thank you !

Shrikant Tekade's picture

Shrikant Tekade 4 hours 53 minutes ago

क्यू न एक ऐसा एजुकेशन सिस्टम बनाए की जह रीजनल भाषा राष्ट्रीय भाषा और अंग्रेजी भाषा और ऐछिक ( पसंदीदा भाषा ) को अनिवार्य किया जाएं। इसका अमल सभी स्कूलों में हो, जैसे कि जिल्हा परिषद, पंचायत समती, नगर पालिका, और सभी निजी प्राइवेट, और सभी सरकारी स्कलों में अनिवार्य हो। उस वजह से हम हमारे संस्करों को जीवित रख सके। state and Central Government should make it compulsory for all types of universities and schools। please do it मोदीजी।

Roshan Singh's picture

Roshan Singh 4 hours 57 minutes ago

Honourable prime minister Narendra modijiहमारे भारत मे आरक्षण एक नशा है!जिस नशे की लतSc/Stके लोगों को बुरी तरह से लगी हुई है!लेकिन नशा उतारना भी जरूरी है!अगर आप आरक्षण खत्म कर भी देते हो तोSc/Stवाले भारत बंद करेंगे
दंगा करेंगे सरकारी प्रोपेर्टी को नुकसान पहुचाएंगे!
इसलिए हर जात,धर्म को सम्मान देते हुए मैं आरक्षण खत्म करने की बात नही कहूंगा !बस आप जात, धर्म छोड़ कर आमिरि गरीबी पर आरक्षण कर दे तो देश का80%+नागरिक खुश रहेगे और आरक्षण काsupportभी करेंगे आरक्षण की vedio

Abhinav v Thakur's picture

Abhinav v Thakur 5 hours 19 minutes ago

Sir, I am raising concern about railways and for our SCR South Central Railway zone in nanded division officers are asking force fully GST on Railway license fee. As per our knowledge we are paying all dues like water bill, electric bills, and licence fee on time these are tax which we are paying , anld sir they are making there own rules, like dress code of authorized wonders, sir please look inlto the matter we are doing public service from more than 20years.

Buddhasen Patel's picture

Buddhasen Patel 5 hours 27 minutes ago

सैनेटरी पैडमैन देवास MP क़े आम नागरिक अनिल बुद्धसेन पटेल 9893555703