Webinar on "Registration of normal taxpayer and composite dealer in GST portal"

Webinar coverage:
1. Procedure to be adopted for registration in G.S.T by new tax payers, time limit, and procedure for amendment in registration details.
2. Composition scheme for small tax payers, eligibility conditions and procedure for application.
3. Solution for practical problems faced by the taxpayers in registration and migration process.

Shri. Rajeev Agarwal (IRS batch 1995) SVP leading the Outreach & Capability building function at GSTN is a B.Tech from IIT-Kanpur & holds a Masters degree in Technology in Nuclear Engineering. He has worked in various capacities as Divisional-in-charge for 4 years and at mid-management level as Joint and Additional Commissioner for 11 years in Delhi, prior to joining GSTN in Sept 2016

Shri Praveen Kumar, has previously worked with the Intelligence Bureau as Trainee Intelligence officer, and has acquired Direct Trainer Skills while working in Central Secretariat Service cadre for the Foreign Trade (Minerals and Ore Division), Ministry of Commerce. He is currently looking after the business process related to registration and migration of taxpayers in the GST portal.

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Nimish Shah's picture

Nimish Shah 1 week 3 days ago

As per notification 08/2017 Central Tax, a registered person in exempt from payment of tax under reverse charge sec 9 (4) if the aggregate value of Receipt of goods or services from all such unregistered person does not exceed Rs. 5000 per day. so if a registered person Receipt of goods or services two unregistered person i.e., for electrical works for Rs.4000 and for computer related works for Rs.2000 then is reverse charge applicable

Nandlal Gupta's picture

Nandlal Gupta 1 week 3 days ago

हम अापनी सेवाए जनता के लिये देना चाहते है हम किस तरह से जी एस टी से जनता को जोड़ सकते है

K S ANURADHA's picture

K S ANURADHA 1 week 3 days ago

TRN no. 291700005086TRN applied for new registartion showing status as Draft. As per the directions of the helpline we have verified and submitted. So, what is the time required for getting ARN?

anand kumar_90's picture

anand kumar_90 1 week 3 days ago

Dear Sir,
IGNOU is a central university. Is GST registration required for this institution? If yes, then what is the procedure for the same? Is it possible online? Kindly guide us.

Roopesh Kumar's picture

Roopesh Kumar 1 week 3 days ago

I want to open a new IT services company. How should I register it for GST? What is the procedure now. Can we register it online?
Kindly help on these topics also.

MadhuChhanda Mohanty's picture

MadhuChhanda Mohanty 1 week 3 days ago

Dear Narendra Modiji,
Unemployed youth is root cause of many alarming problem from Kashmir say NorthEast to KanyaKumari Say Kerala. Imagine a single youth of 26 to 46 Year spending minimum 90 days equal 2160 hour per YEAR without any work where roughly 5 crore out of 125 crore population equal to 50000000 such youth equal 123 LAKH MAN YEAR getting lost no where ?Can India afford such staggering 123 lakh LABOUR YEAR diverted towards Social Unrest ? Vital few consuming Work of Trivial Many

Ashish Pandey's picture

Ashish Pandey 1 week 3 days ago

Firstly I Welcome you in the session. Kindly share knowledge about GST in simple terms because of most of the people of our country not educated so kindly provide the main thing of the GST and how to implement to the same?
CSC Centers are good working as a service provider of GST. I previously working in CSC and saw the impact of CSC in Rural life. I want to know that how to CSC become more powerful for delivering GST services? kindly solve my issues.