MyGov Talk- Itanagar Smart City-2

Itanagar, the beautiful capital city of Arunachal Pradesh is a proud participant of the Smart Cities Challenge. Since our last Webinar, Itanagar has been continually ramping up its efforts to ensure the city becomes smart and sets a new example for the world to see and admire. Our aim is to develop Itanagar into a city that provides core infrastructure and a good quality of life to all its residents, along with a clean environment and ‘Smart’ Solutions for development. We have been actively engaging in both online and offline citizen engagement and receiving tremendous response from citizens through:
•Citizen Workshops
•Citizen Surveys
•Social Media Platforms (Facebook/Twitter)
•Print Media

To establish Itanagar as a smart city, every resident will play a crucial role. We hereby invite all the residents of Itanagar to participate in the various Citizen Workshops, Essay and Painting competitions for students in schools, Smart Itanagar Logo Design Competition, Vision Design Competition, Roadshows, Opinion polls, social media, household surveys and online discussions. These activities are focused on understanding the issues faced by the residents of the city and their vision for a dream Itanagar.
We request the Smart Citizens of Itanagar to actively participate in this webinar and give their valuable inputs during this webinar session. The objective of this webinar is not only to disseminate information about our various activities but also to invite citizen’s valuable opinion and feedback.

Speaker: Chair: Shri Tarh Nachung, Deputy Chief Councillor, Itanagar
Date: January 23, 2017
Time: 1PM to 2PM

Let’s make Itanagar Smart Together! Reach out to us through:
Itanagar Municipal Corporation Website:
MyGov Page-
Previous Webinar-

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chandan kumar_323's picture

chandan kumar_323 7 months 4 weeks ago

Respected sir
all smart city values is invested in an organised level.the government values is also circled in a pattern.then the delivery is a markable and expandable part of this scheme.

V.B.Kotennavar's picture

V.B.Kotennavar 7 months 4 weeks ago

Good improvement in itanagar,other cities in India must be follow this without dirty politics