Inviting suggestions from the public on PCRA's Mandate

Inviting suggestions from the public on PCRA's Mandate
अंतिम दिनांकNov 23,2016 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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The Oil crisis of 1970s brought into sharp focus the need for conservation of petroleum products due to the enormous hike in country’s import bill. The Government in response set ...

The Oil crisis of 1970s brought into sharp focus the need for conservation of petroleum products due to the enormous hike in country’s import bill. The Government in response set up the Petroleum Conservation Action Group (PCAG) in 1976, which reported that a conservation potential of about 20% existed in major sectors of the economy. PCAG was subsequently reconstituted on 10th August’ 1978 as Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) with a vision to become a center of excellence for conservation of hydrocarbons & environment protection for sustainable development, of our inherent strength.

Petroleum Conservation Research Association is a registered society set up under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India (MoP&NG). PCRA is a national government agency engaged in promoting conservation of petroleum products & energy efficiency in various sectors of economy.  It helps the government in proposing policies and strategies for petroleum conservation, aimed at reducing excessive dependence of the country on oil requirement. 

PCRA aims at making oil conservation a national movement. As part of its mandate, PCRA is entrusted with the task of creating awareness amongst the masses about the importance, methods and benefits of conserving petroleum products & emission reduction. It sponsors R&D activities for the development of fuel-efficient equipment / devices. The other major activities being carried out by PCRA are Driver training programs/Workshops on fuel efficient driving, Model depot projects for State Transport Undertakings for efficient operations, Energy Audits for energy conservation & energy efficiency potential, ISO 50001 certification for Energy Management System, Perform-Achieve-Trade(PAT) for designated consumers to reduce specific energy consumption, Fuel oil diagnostic studies to identify energy efficiency opportunities, Development of fuel economy norms for Heavy Duty Vehicles, workshops/ exhibitions, consumer meets, education films/TV spots, hoarding/ electronic display, distribution of printed literature. Over the years, PCRA has enlarged its role in improving productivity in use of various sources of energy, for the purpose of achieving environment protection and sustainable development.

The demand of petroleum products in the country is growing steadily and Govt. Policy as spelt out in India hydrocarbon vision 2025 considers issues such as energy security, use of alternate fuels and interchangeability of technology as vital to ensure that mix of energy sources used in economy is optimal and sustainable.
Towards its mission for efficient energy utilization and environment protection, PCRA is working with the support of Public Sector Oil & Gas Companies, Government & Non-Government Organizations, Research Institutes and Laboratories, Educational Institutes, Consumer Associations and other organizations.

Revisiting the Mandate

PCRA has made all endeavour to deliver on its mandate for nearly 4 decades. With changing time, it is imperative to revisit our mandate so that it is in synchronisation with challenges of the day and future.
In view of the above, PCRA solicit the opinion/suggestion of the People of India to add/delete so that the spectrum of its mandate can be widened.

For more information regarding present PCRA activities , please visit

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Vaibhav Birla 4 साल 11 महीने पहले

1. Infrastructure - nothing is more important for a growth of country than robust infrastructure across pan India : saves unnecessary delays bringing efficiency in whole transport delivery chain & optimum fuel usage.
2. Public Mass Transport - Roads are limited and we can't keep pumping in more and more cars on road. India needs massive overhaul in public transport system and greatly in tier1&2 cities to cut substantial travel time and fossil fuel wastage.
3. Strict Penalty for any offence.

Nilesh_84 4 साल 11 महीने पहले

Improve public transport in major cities of the country -- people spend lot of time in traffic which causes loss of time as well as fuel.

Why people spend time in traffic? - Because everybody uses their vehicle due to inadequate public transport.

Promote car pooling and bring some legal protection for the car owner. There are lot of apps for this but co-rider trust is a big problem. We see lots of crimes anyway in this regard.

NANDAN SHERLEKAR 4 साल 11 महीने पहले

PCRA which has primary focus on energy efficiency should look into heat energy blown into atmosphere by large industrial units on coastal India. Every industrial unit petroleum refinery, power generation, steel plants, nuclear plants have large capacity cooling towers as a part of their project. The idea is to save energy for desalination of sea water and produce salt for export. This is called LTTD process and is being used in lakshadeep Island. modification reqd to suit temperature parameters

UMESH AGRAWAL 4 साल 11 महीने पहले

आज कि बधति पॊलुसन का कारण ज्यादा तर दॆखा जायॆ तॊ बधति बहान और बधति कारखानॆ कि चाप है इस लियॆ इस पॊलुसन कॊ कन्ट्रॊल करनॆ कॆ लियॆ सॊलार सिस्टम और अन्य बिजलि कॆ साधन है पर इसमॆ वह ताकत नहि कि जॊ चाहियॆ वह पावर नहि है यानि चार्ज जल्दि खतम हॊतॆ या तॊ इन मसिनॊ सॆ निकलॆ प्रदुसन कॊ कॆमिकल रिएक्सन सॆ बदला जायॆ या तॊ इन मॆ सॆ नकलनॆ वालि धुवॆ कॊ एक ऎसॆ डिवाइस सॆ गुजारा जायॆ कि वह धुवा फ्रिज हॊ जायॆ और उसकॊ दुसरॆ कन्टॆनर मॆ जमा किया जायॆ फुल हॊनॆ पॆ फिर सॆ बदला जायॆ ///

Indira Acharya 4 साल 11 महीने पहले

As I had sent so many letters to you regarding my study loan. Here I am again mentioning and sharing my problem with you as a responsible citizen of India. I totally respect and support your decision regarding "DEMONETIZATION", but sir as a middle class people, whose monthly salary is about 15000/-, how can I able to pay back my STUDY LOAN which is about 3.5 Lacs and against which the SBI bank,has mortgaged our house property's papers. Against this loan I am paying high rate of interest

Anurag Shukla 4 साल 11 महीने पहले

India is agriculture based economy.We have to replace all oil fuel based water pumps with either electricity based pumps or more efficient oil fuel based pumps.
Indian railway should allow transportation of goods in its empty wagons from transporters on lower rates,when it does not has enough cargo to fill all its empty wagon racks.

Vijay Narayana Chilaka 4 साल 11 महीने पहले

#mygov #pcra #petroleum #IndianRailway I always see lot of diesel at Railway station's platform tracks. Why such huge oil spills on stations at many junctions? PCRA needs to check the problems of Diesel leakage or filling problems into engines or any other? No Drop Diesel Engines should be developed by Railways. Also Efficient Light Rail Engines and coaches project need to be funded by Govt for effictive, efficient Trains as TALGO.An yearly Diesel combustion Audit and R&d TO STOP POLLUTION need

Vijay Narayana Chilaka 4 साल 11 महीने पहले

#mygov #pcra #petroleum PCRA needs to conduct survey on need of widening of Roads,alternative Routes for creating Hussle free Traffic corridors,so petrol can be saved if Trafic jams are avoided.SMART CITY projects need to develop good City planning for futuristing Electric Tramways, High speed Bus corridors, Solar-electric BRTS etc, Especially Hyderabad like cities. PCRA and CPCB needs to have powers to fine old polluting engine manufacturers like BAJAJ THREE WHEELER AUTOS.Survy required

banuvimal 4 साल 11 महीने पहले

Repcted sir,
public transports should be improved emulating the Singapore model.As we have a huge population ,if everyone owns a vehicle there is bound to be traffic jams thereby wasting precious fuel and causing pollution.Atleast if a rule is laid that only those people with parking space in their house could buy vehicles,then roads will be less congested and will indirectly reduce fuel wastage.Also regularly emission checks should be done .engines using alternative fuels must be manufactured