Inviting suggestions from the public on PCRA's Mandate

Inviting suggestions from the public on PCRA's Mandate
Last Date Nov 23,2016 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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The Oil crisis of 1970s brought into sharp focus the need for conservation of petroleum products due to the enormous hike in country’s import bill. The Government in response set ...

The Oil crisis of 1970s brought into sharp focus the need for conservation of petroleum products due to the enormous hike in country’s import bill. The Government in response set up the Petroleum Conservation Action Group (PCAG) in 1976, which reported that a conservation potential of about 20% existed in major sectors of the economy. PCAG was subsequently reconstituted on 10th August’ 1978 as Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) with a vision to become a center of excellence for conservation of hydrocarbons & environment protection for sustainable development, of our inherent strength.

Petroleum Conservation Research Association is a registered society set up under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India (MoP&NG). PCRA is a national government agency engaged in promoting conservation of petroleum products & energy efficiency in various sectors of economy.  It helps the government in proposing policies and strategies for petroleum conservation, aimed at reducing excessive dependence of the country on oil requirement. 

PCRA aims at making oil conservation a national movement. As part of its mandate, PCRA is entrusted with the task of creating awareness amongst the masses about the importance, methods and benefits of conserving petroleum products & emission reduction. It sponsors R&D activities for the development of fuel-efficient equipment / devices. The other major activities being carried out by PCRA are Driver training programs/Workshops on fuel efficient driving, Model depot projects for State Transport Undertakings for efficient operations, Energy Audits for energy conservation & energy efficiency potential, ISO 50001 certification for Energy Management System, Perform-Achieve-Trade(PAT) for designated consumers to reduce specific energy consumption, Fuel oil diagnostic studies to identify energy efficiency opportunities, Development of fuel economy norms for Heavy Duty Vehicles, workshops/ exhibitions, consumer meets, education films/TV spots, hoarding/ electronic display, distribution of printed literature. Over the years, PCRA has enlarged its role in improving productivity in use of various sources of energy, for the purpose of achieving environment protection and sustainable development.

The demand of petroleum products in the country is growing steadily and Govt. Policy as spelt out in India hydrocarbon vision 2025 considers issues such as energy security, use of alternate fuels and interchangeability of technology as vital to ensure that mix of energy sources used in economy is optimal and sustainable.
Towards its mission for efficient energy utilization and environment protection, PCRA is working with the support of Public Sector Oil & Gas Companies, Government & Non-Government Organizations, Research Institutes and Laboratories, Educational Institutes, Consumer Associations and other organizations.

Revisiting the Mandate

PCRA has made all endeavour to deliver on its mandate for nearly 4 decades. With changing time, it is imperative to revisit our mandate so that it is in synchronisation with challenges of the day and future.
In view of the above, PCRA solicit the opinion/suggestion of the People of India to add/delete so that the spectrum of its mandate can be widened.

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Pawan Gupta 4 साल 10 महीने पहले

@PMOIndia @narendramodi You talk #DigitalIndiaQuiz but forgot to use Queue Mngment by SMS email web app for #DeMonetisation . What Kind of Digital India you are dreaming if your team of Expert FM, RBI Governors , Banking Management, Economics, IT Councils failed to suggest you that A Simple QMS application which can be implemented pre #demonetisation or post #demonetidation in one day could resolve Physical rush at bank branches and save inconvenience to the public which caused billions of Loss

SIDHARTHA SANKAR ROUTRAY 4 साल 10 महीने पहले

I have suggestions, mainly in view mumbai city: 1.Infra :City road condition mainly during rainy season or post rainy season becomes very bad. It attracts increased fuel for vehicles.Even if hue and cry happens BMC never bothered.So road condition has to be good all times. 2. Traffic movement : Many places in city gets huge traffic block mainly during pick hours e.g morning 8 to 11 and evening 5 to 9. These office hours tempos and mini trucks should not be allowed.

RAKESH BATSYA 4 साल 10 महीने पहले

Sir I working in bushan steel ltd.which is in ghaziabad sahibabad industrial area it not paying salary on time and delaying it till last date of the month and it is saying to take the advance payment so that the black money of the company will become white. And there many work which working under Thikadar in company they are payed case payment which is block money. Sir I will suggest u why not all the worker of payed salary in bank account. They work 12 hours a day and payed payment of 8 hours.

Piyush Sharma 4 साल 10 महीने पहले

आपसे एक प्रार्थना एवम सुझाव साझा करना चाहता हूँ। जिसका सम्बन्ध टोल टैक्स की लंबी लाइन में जलने वाले ईधन और पर्यावरण से है।

AP175702235 4 साल 10 महीने पहले

It's better to focus on the renewable energy sources to use for transportation also, just gave a tasks to indian engineer students once and wait for the results, we will get better results to solve this problem. And also global warming decreases and pollution also decresed drastically if we replace the petro chemical fuels with wind sand solar energy. Releasing budget to these things are not enough, we have to monitoring the ground level work, how much result we will get?

Anurag Shukla 4 साल 10 महीने पहले

In our country,oil is used in transportation of goods and people.Govt. can develop good mass transport system in which cars uses could be reduced by higher prices.Therefore PCRA can develop,design such transportation systems for different highly populated cities.Secondly PCRA can help railway to open goods collection centers in trading hubs of cities so that most transportation of goods could be from railway not by highways.