TRAI Invites Suggestions for Consultation Paper on Allotment of spectrum to Indian Railways for Public Safety and Security services

Last Date Aug 05,2019 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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Department of Telecommunications (DoT) through their letter dated 27th February 2019 has informed that Indian Railways has proposed to install an Ultra-high-speed LTE based ...

Department of Telecommunications (DoT) through their letter dated 27th February 2019 has informed that Indian Railways has proposed to install an Ultra-high-speed LTE based communication corridor along their network for Train-Ground and Train-Train communication. In this connection Indian Railways has requested DoT to reserve 15 MHz of spectrum in 700 MHz band for the purpose and to begin with 10 MHz to be allocated free of cost as the proposal is devoid of any commercial gain, but only for enhancing security and passenger amenities. Through the said letter, DoT has also requested TRAI to provide recommendations on administrative allotment of spectrum to Indian Railways and the quantum, price, appropriate frequency band (including 450-470 MHz band) and any other related issue.

A Consultation Paper on “Allotment of Spectrum to Indian Railways for Public Safety and Security Services” has been released to discuss the issues involved. Written comments on the issues raised in the Consultation Paper are invited from the stakeholders by 22nd July 2019 and counter-comments by 5th August 2019.

For any clarification / information Shri S.T. Abbas, Advisor (Networks, Spectrum & Licensing), TRAI may be contacted at Telephone Number +91-11-23210481.

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kashyap kishor bhai vyas 1 year 3 महीने पहले

नमस्कार मोदीजी मे आपको यह बताना चाहताहु की आप लेडीस और जेन्स की बोगी अलग कर डिजिये ताकि कोई दूर धटना न बने और लेडीस बोगीमे लेडीस पुलिस और जेन्स बोगीमे जेन्स पुलिस को तैनात कीजिये जिससे किसीकी बेटी, बहन आरामसे सफर करसके
और ऐ नियम हर ऐक ट्रेन की बोगी मे लागु करे और हर एक बोगी मे ऐक - ऐक पुलिस को तैनात करे जिससे रेलवे का महत्व बढ़ जाऐगा

veeresh kori 1 year 3 महीने पहले

Respected well wishers of India,

As most of Indians travel through trains
1. The only problem is of security so i think installation of cctv camera's can make secure and safe journey.
2. Joining hands towards the environmental cause make plastic free environment in trains.(No plastic water Bottles)
3. And as of train ticket we can make the ticket attested with the barcodes and T.C. of train should be given ticket scanner where he can scan the tickets and initialise it as soon as possible......

Subarno Pande 1 year 3 महीने पहले

Instead ask Indian Rail to remove Farm Distress as Farmer's suicides due to non receipt of proper price of their hard earned produce, the major reason for distress in farming sector leading to loss of GDP growth for entire nation. It can be easily ended by Govt run/monitored agricultural marketing co-operatives like AMUL and buying entire agricultural products for Govt sector including Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Military, Rail, etc from farmers directly or these co-operatives!

sandip patil 1 year 3 महीने पहले

Please consider following suggestions for implementation
1) sir please initiate process of merging mumbai telecom circle into maharashtra telecom circle
2) Sir telecom companies like Vodafone idea airtel are being to do compulsion of monthly recharge to have benefit of incoming calls and continuation of service so it is unjustified and inconvenient to customers please make regulations regarding this issue to safeguard customers well being

sandip patil 1 year 3 महीने पहले

sir please make stringent policy in case of sharing mobile number and personal information of customer by telecom companies to private or public advertise agencies,local politicians,and any other third party for their advertisement and political campaign if any company violates such policy then suspend there licence immediately and please start customer complaint portal in this regard,Thank you.

AJAY KUMAR 1 year 3 महीने पहले

Bhartiya Rail Vishwa Mein sabse Adhik hai Lekin Bhartiya rail mein saaf Safai bahut hi kam hoti hai jaise ki sochalay dustbin kaafi Kami milti hai aur local train mein to Savari Aise lade Jaate Hain Jaise pick up mein kapda Bharat Sarkar se bolti hai jaise ki public logo ko koi pareshani nahi hai Bharat ke rail Arthik Samajik Drishti Se Juda Hua Hai kaafi Majdore rail ke Sahara se dusri Jagah Rojgar karne Jaate Hain Sarkar karvayahi Karen