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खुली चर्चा का एक ऐसा मंच जहाँ आप शासन और नीति-निर्माण के किसी भी विषय ...

खुली चर्चा का एक ऐसा मंच जहाँ आप शासन और नीति-निर्माण के किसी भी विषय पर अपने बहुमूल्य विचारों और सुझावों को साझा कर सकते हैं। ऐसे विचार जिनसे 2022 तक एक नए भारत के निर्माण में मदद मिले। (यह मंच उन मुद्दों और विषयों के लिए है जिनसे संबंधित MyGov पर कोई अन्य चर्चा नहीं चल रहा हो और यह नागरिकों के दृष्टिकोण से बेहद महत्वपूर्ण हो।)

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Prakash Kaushal 6 मिनट 19 सेकंड पहले

Help people find better lifestyle which is in close relation to nature. Stop unnecessary manufacturing for domestic use.
Ban wine, plastics, faltu ka decoration,and other stuffs which do great harm to ecosystem
Ban drugs, uncomfortable dress(jeans), coke, junk foods and stuffs which cause various diseases and exploit nature by over utilization of resources. Promote eco-friendly and efficient methods and manufacturing. Be Indian,Live desi,Buy local,Sell to international. Jai hind

rohit bhalerao 14 मिनट 24 सेकंड पहले

ongoing government is just cleaning India with all their effort & power for Indians only they do for the future of India. the youth of India & we have to stand in support of this wonderful government which not just cleaning India and also try to stand up India and shining India too with their policy for farmers, startups, gender equality, giving real hope for India and Indians who want to see india next superpower. I really want to appreciate our Honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modiji.

Prakash Kaushal 17 मिनट 16 सेकंड पहले

Before foreigner companies colonised India, our country was the largest exporter (textiles,spices,art&craft,food,etc)while being self-sustainable culture and economy with negligible import. But how did the same became poor,hungry and imports almost everything.
Think it. Remove unnecessary nature exploiting factories and traditions.Do not stop us from learning our true& unaltered history. Make everyone self capable& sensitive since Childhood,so none can fool us.Strict check on companies. Jai Hind

sahil nautiyal 40 मिनट 12 सेकंड पहले

kya hi kahe ab sabko galti to insaniyat ki hai jo abi tak zindagi ka matlab ni smj payee bs lagee padee hai dodne mae pese kamane mae bs koi zindagi ko smjne ke liye ni dodta..mae ajkl dekh ra hun maximum ko kuch smj hi ni hai duniya ki bs kitabi gayan hai uskee ilava unko kuch ni pata aj tak kitabo se bahar hi ni niklee kese hi pata hoga duniya ka bs soch re gayi hai pdahi krni hai pese kamane hai shadi krni hai bs that's it mtlb yr had hai.fir kete hai apne ko need us to know

Darshat Shah 58 मिनट 5 सेकंड पहले

Graduates from our engineering programs end up in Software/IT sector. (I am BTech from computer science IIT Bombay, batch of 97). The reality is that other sectors cannot pay as much as IT does, so we have a huge 'brain drain' into IT. To contribute back to society, there is no easy way to leverage our engineering problem solving in other areas. It would be great if govt comes up with a program that is like a 1-2 year sabbatical that allows to take a break once in a career and work for society.

Dhaval Jayantibhai Patel 1 घंटा 15 मिनट पहले

In our government offices there are so many outsource companies are providing man power support but this companies are absorption from employee and make so much money. And most interesting factor is salary paid by Govt. Department as a Outsource Employee Salary + Outsource companies service charge. So my opinion if govt department absorb this staff and make employment and save out source companies service charge.

HRISHIKESH AGARWALA 1 घंटा 16 मिनट पहले

Respected sir recently i had to visit the hospital for the treatment of my father in law as he had suffered a heart attack, i was shocked to know that the charges for operation, stents etc varied with the mode of payment i.e if we paid in cash the charges would be lower and if opted to pay through insurance the charges would be higher.sir i could not understand the reason behind such major difference i would request you to kindly look into this major looophole and address the issue at the ea