Bilaspur Draft Smart City Proposal - Round-3

Bilaspur Draft Smart City Proposal - Round-3
Last Date Apr 01,2017 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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Bilaspur City is approximately 400 years old and is named after ‘Bilasa Kewantin’ a pro poor fisher woman of the idyllic village along the banks of Arpa. Bilaspur was a part of ...

Bilaspur City is approximately 400 years old and is named after ‘Bilasa Kewantin’ a pro poor fisher woman of the idyllic village along the banks of Arpa. Bilaspur was a part of the Kalchuri dynasty of Ratanpur. Chhattisgarh plains are known as “Rice Bowl” and Bilaspur district is known as "Mango District" of the state. Bilaspur serves as a regional hub for Industry, trade and commerce with strong Umbilical connections to the Northern parts of the state.
Bilaspur Municipal Corporation covers an area of 28.2 Sq. Km. with total population of 3, 31,030 (Census 2011) which is divided into 66 wards. Bilaspur is strategically focusing on 4 Key areas of Burgeoning Regional Identity, Strengthening its community bonds, Building a sustainable cityscape and A Robust economic growth.

Bilaspur strives to be a growing and vibrant world-class city with a flourishing economy and a pristine environment, where residents especially women are empowered, safe, healthy and have equitable opportunities for success and happiness. BMC launched Citizen’s Connect Initiative with a goal to ensure meaningful and diverse participation of citizens, both in online and off-line mode, synergising with the public events to reach out to maximum number of citizens. The City of Bilaspur will be a prosperous, fiscally sound, family-oriented community with a full range of housing, business, cultural and recreational opportunities in a safe and attractive environment for residents and visitors.

Baney Bilaspur City Scape (BBCS) is a 1041 acre Retrofit and redevelopment model which is located in the heart of Bilaspur. The area is enveloped by a defining road comprising of CBD area of city. It has components of commercial with equal presence of Wholesale and retail, Residential, Institutional and Utility. The area contains water bodies, city greens infrastructure and public institutions. BBCS is envisaged as a transformational project converting the Bilaspur urban heart into a Smart city area. This project not only is replicable in other parts of Bilaspur it is in line with the state policy of TWINNING the smart cities projects with the 6 more smart cities. This will be achieved through the creation of a series of Infrastructural and Services projects related to basic amenities like Water, Waste & transportation, Smart components like walk ability, Compact Urban Form, NMT usage, safety and care for all. As well as economic, recreational and urban planning interventions and synergising them with the 7 Smart city developments.

TOD based planning, health, education, knowledge, Heritage and Sports interventions. Commercial intervention with New signage, enhanced safety, Public Plazas and integrated transportation of motorized and NMT streams integrated with smart parking, multi modal hubs and logistical hubs. All these activities are nerve entered at the Command and Control Center through a Bilaspur OS and Bilaspur City Card.

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