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Effective rehabilitation of manual scavengers
Last Date Jul 17,2015 04:15 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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हाथ से मैला ढोने वाले काफी हद तक निरक्षर हैं और कारोबार करने या ...

हाथ से मैला ढोने वाले काफी हद तक निरक्षर हैं और कारोबार करने या स्वरोजगार उद्यम शुरू करने के लिए उनके पास कोई साधन या योग्यता नहीं है। अतः वैकल्पिक व्यवसायों के माध्यम से उनके पुनर्वास का कार्य अत्यंत चुनौतीपूर्ण है।

वे कौन से तरीके हैं जिनके माध्यम से इन्हें अन्य व्यवसायों में लाभकर रूप से नियोजित किया जा सकता है ताकि उन्हें मैला ढ़ोने का कार्य फिर से नहीं करना पड़े? प्रतिभागी अपनी जानकारी के हिसाब से इस कार्य से संबंधित सफलता की कहानी साझा कर सकते हैं।

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Prabhu P 5 साल 2 सप्ताह पहले

INDIAN RAILWAYS under our own honourable govt is the largest employer of manual scavengers. It is a matter of shame for our govt.
Our govt instead of concentrating on implementing bullet trains they should first focus on safety, security and cleanliness. Part of this the govt should take drastic steps to eliminate manual scavengers who may be utilized in unmanned railway crossing so that they become manned crossing.

Arti Sharma_2 5 साल 2 सप्ताह पहले

In one of his Mann Ki Baat episodes Mr Modi had talked about the synergy between skill development and gainful employment. Ground reality is that lots of Indians are have no means of earning their living whereas lots of people who can afford to give employment to housekeepers, drivers, electricians, plumbers, tailors, cooks, etc. (part time as well as full time); do not get long lasting employees of their choice. One can engage these people in such skill and personality devp. Ventures.

Sreenath Deshpande 5 साल 3 सप्ताह पहले

I still come across people (Manual Scavengers) at major junctions in Bangalore city waiting for house holds to call them for their services in cleaning the jammed toilets. Even after Supreme Court has banned manual scavenging, state governments / municipal authorities have not swung into action to identify the people working as manual scavengers and work towards their rehabilitation.

Sundaravadivelan TV 5 साल 1 महीना पहले

First time graduates should be given tax holidays for all the earnings. To start up new business production/service , loans need to be provided. In all the sectors, they should be employed and given opportunity to do business. For example, say in a state 100 private bus operators there,;at least 3% should be given for this category people. PM should do this.

Sundaravadivelan TV 5 साल 1 महीना पहले

Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers: some good comments as well as some shocking comments. Central Government should put maximum effort in bringing economic upwardness in this group of people. Tamilnadu Govt done a wonderful job in giving 3% job reservations to this group called SC-A group. Similarly Central also should create jobs, self-employment and reservations in educations, jobs, as well as create more entrepreneurs. First time graduates should be given tax holidays for all the earnings.

Jay Chan 5 साल 2 महीने पहले

Start a urban waste procurement company with an idea collecting recyclable waste materials from house holds. Attract people by saying " gIVE WASTES, TAKE Money", people should be paid in bank account if they give you recyclable waste material in pure form. Also collect biodegradable wastes IN PURE FORM from houses to send them to make manures. Also pay them. This might me just few rupees but people will like to save wastes for you in return for money. Only pure form is acceptable to you,just say

A K RAO 5 साल 2 महीने पहले

CIPET organising skill development training programs in the field of Plastics Engineering & Technology for the benefit of Scavengers / Safai Karamacharis and their dependents sponsored by NSKFDC, New Delhi. Now the candidates selection process is under progress. These programs are to be organised at the CIPET centres – Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Jaipur and Madurai. Interested candidates may be contact immediately to the respective CIPET centres. visit: www.cipet.gov.in