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Comments invited on Concept Note on establishment of National e-Health Authority
Last Date May 11,2015 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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स्वास्थ्य एवं परिवार कल्याण मंत्रालय, भारत में एकीकृत स्वा स्य्झा ...

स्वास्थ्य एवं परिवार कल्याण मंत्रालय, भारत में एकीकृत स्वा स्य्झा सूचना प्रणाली तैयार करने के लिए उत्तयरदायी राष्ट्री य ई स्वा स्य्वा प्राधिकरण (एन. ई. एच. ए.) की स्थापना प्रस्तावित करता है। यह रोगियों की स्वारस्य्ण संबंधी सूचनाओं एवं रिकॉर्डों की गोपनीयता तथा सुरक्षा से संबंधित विधियों एवं विनियमों को लागू करने के लिए भी उत्त‍रदायी होगा।

स्वास्थ्य एवं परिवार कल्याण मंत्रालय इस दस्तावेज़ पर आपकी टिप्पणी / सुझाव / विचार प्रदान करने की प्रार्थना करता है।

आप अपनी टिप्पणियां 10 मई 2015 तक भेज सकते हैं।

राष्ट्रीय ई-स्वास्थ्य प्राधिकरण की संकल्पना नोट

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C Rao Vemuganti 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

Adarniya Pradhan Mantriji,
NeHA concept note is world-class. One suggestion. Per WHO bulletin Dec 2011 titled: “Prevention not cure in tackling health-care fraud”, health-care fraud is pervasive. NeHA gives India a great opportunity to be the global role model in delivering Universal health-care with proper fraud controls. This goal though ambitious is achievable. Please include this goal in concept note; perhaps a brief mention in Executive Summary and/ or elsewhere.
C. Rao Vemuganti

Chanchal MAl Chordia 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

Why government is considering all other therapies other than Allopathy as Alternative ? Clarify parameters of Perfect Diagnosis and Effective Permanent Treatment so that various systems of treatment can be compared on same level.For more clarification please visit our website www.chordiahealthzone.in

mahendra dash 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

All helath,life Insurance companies may be instructed on the line.
The premium on covering the entire population will not be less and the claim for serious ailments stated by Health ministry will always be less as it happens in Life coverage.
If that happens, the whole scenario will change because of other three schemes launched by Hon'ble PM. There should not be any harassment for claim.

mahendra dash 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

Earlier also I posted on NEHA. Health for all by 20/20
Today I urge to request you to think on covering all in health insurance. Should be for family of four and
coverage should be for serious ailments at low premium.
The entire rural sector/small and medium income group should be the criteria.
May be a monthly fee .. or an annual fee....
It will save the untimely death and death due to lack of medical care.

Hon'ble PM can think on it and declare in Man-ki-Bat.

Karthikeyan Viswanathan 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

A national e-Health authority should, among other services, enable consumers the ability to verify the credentials of doctors and surgeons who are currently practising in India.

I have provided a link of such a system that is in place the US. One can enter a physician's name and the website returns information such as where the physician studied, etc...

Here is a link to one such website: https://www.breeze.ca.gov/datamart/searchLicTypeByName.do?direct=true

Ashish Kumar 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

Govt policy for plantation:
1. Govt had started nursury for growing small plants & after that they sold n plantation started by govt.
Loss: money because no one cares about plants which are on road side or away.

My point: start distributing small plants to all peoples on free of cost,

Advantage: they will plant it on his lands n he will care till grow.

Conclusion: plantation cost goes zero n 100% growth of plants occurs.. Green india project will b successfull, fuitful india. Asigupta

Jay Chan 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

Research must be done on different types of chemical exposures by the customers or workmen in chemical and other industries. Appropriate safety materials must be mandatorily be sold with such chemical products. for example: paint fumes from paints should be prevented from inhaling by selling appropriate masks along with paints.

Jay Chan 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

Please pay enough attention to health of workers in certain sectors. Health problems(long term and short term) that come due to occupations. example: painting workers have long term risk of certain health problems. few occupations like this have side effects. Please work out on insurance, health safety measures for such people. Labour funds of government are mostly go useless. Labour inspectors busy with personal life, have least regard to labourers who constantly face unsafe environments