युवाओं में नेतृत्व के गुण विकसित करने के लिए क्या किया जाना चाहिए?

What needs to be done for developing leadership qualities among the youth?
Last Date Jan 01,2015 04:15 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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युवाओं में नेतृत्व के गुण किस प्रकार विकसित किए जाएं इससे संबंधित ...

युवाओं में नेतृत्व के गुण किस प्रकार विकसित किए जाएं इससे संबंधित अपने सुझाव साझा करें।
आप अपने सुझाव 31 दिसंबर, 2014 तक भेज सकते हैं।

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Firoz Ahmed Bakhshi 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

Indian youth have power and capability to change the world, But need direction, Help and environment to prove him self,
I want to do something bigger for my country, I want to become a great scientist,
I have design a device which will save our life from electric shock,
currently I am working on a project to produce electricity free of cost. its almost done, but I need money to carry on my research :(

anitha_2 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

we should create employement for some truthful/genuine people as first step
make them enquired about facts of people problems 1 major in a house either urban or rural by forming teams and find a leader who can give a solution for the problem in the best way. we get a chance to take an oath from people to do one work for government in return(related to population, pollution
Name the program and it should be telecasted on tv as everyone tries to involve and show themselves as part of the nation.

SUBHASH CHANDRA MALLICK 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

cont.2. Sir, Without CCTV examination centers should be closed. Competitive exam should be as follows.1. Written Exam without multiple choice 1 mark each 200 marks, 2. CCTV performance attitude of candidates - 20 marks. 3. Computer knowledge. 30 marks. the exam should conducted by UPSC with out any exam fees. and the result should be valid for one year. every department, Banks, all Undertaking have to recruit their staffs from it according to their educational back ground. If any Cont. 3

SUBHASH CHANDRA MALLICK 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

Sir, our present educational systems as well as all examination systems should be change. Practical training/engineering should be compulsory from class "V". we have to banned examination in multiple choice. and all candidates have to face only one competitive Examination with objective type one mark each without multiple choice. because this type of examination developing the helping them indirectly and the candidates never use their mind and their depth in study in examinations.Cont.2

aparana 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

To develop leadership first of all students should be prepared to speak well ,expressive,innovative and to do all this they must be given opportunities ,group tasks ,team sports is the best to improve your reflexes to act in a tough situation ,which is the most required quality of a leader also it teaches one to gain trust of the team and hence improve the confidence to lead others.

GAURAV VIRAT 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

To developing leaderships qualities among the youth it should be only does in their childhood in their schools by doing lots of activity through games play in terms by leading one captain which will change in every week which will create the leadership quality among the coming youth.

ashutosh upadhyay 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

See Yashpal Report 1993 on education system in India, which recommendations and findings still not implemented in system. Can anyone ask WHY? why after more than 13 years our education system not been changed even the mistakes are found out even in 1993???????????????????????????? Anybody is hearing??????????????????
Yash Pal_committe_report_lwb.pdf