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NRI help to sports in India
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Jan 01, 2015
अंतिम दिनांक :
Jul 17, 2015
04:15 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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प्रवासी भारतीय खिलाड़ियों, टीमों को सहायता या समर्थन और उनको बेहतर ...

प्रवासी भारतीय खिलाड़ियों, टीमों को सहायता या समर्थन और उनको बेहतर सुविधाएं उपलब्ध कर भारतीय खेलों में कैसे योगदान दे सकते है? ताकि भारत का ओलंपिक जैसी अंतरराष्ट्रीय खेल स्पर्धाओं की पदक तालिका में सुधार हो सके।

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Kal Gandikota 6 साल 6 महीने पहले

Dear Moderators/Organizers, It appears no one's checking this discussion thread. Please kindly check this discussion thread from time to time like those at NITI Aayog and remove spam. I spent half an hour on this and felt like not checking comments and upvoting them. Runaway discussion topics like this could actually put off people from entering the discussions in future.(my friends playing cricket in California said "Chood Yaar...vaha to kachara(spam) hai..kyo time barbath kar raha ho?")

Rakesh Ramesh Pardiwala 6 साल 7 महीने पहले

Nepal Earthquake

Apologies for using incorrect forum. However, I could not navigate to find the correct place and thought this may be the appropriate forum. NRI's can't donate to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund. I suggest NRI's should be able to directly donate to PMNRF directly online from their Non- Indian Ban accounts.


koganti Venkateswara Rao 6 साल 7 महीने पहले

in continuation.,India is having lot of tourism places, if at least government can try to divert these crores of money, Lakhs of people can live in tourism. Try to reduce these type of tax escaping people and encourage them to spend their money in our Nation.they also having their own responsibility to Build India.

koganti Venkateswara Rao 6 साल 7 महीने पहले

Nris are having great responsibility to build our nation but also in the same time we have to discuss money control in India.India is having great opportunities to earn money.As of my knowledge many corporate companies are earning money from India and they are spending the Indian rupee in dollars in the name of annual review meets.Simply they are escaping from the taxes from the government of India.Unfortunately our PM is giving MAKE IN INDIA as slogan.

Prithvi Datta 6 साल 8 महीने पहले

I have been sending email to office of IPM on our plan to start Indian Centre for Raising Energy Efficiency of Indian Youths to develop affordable micro-generators to supply greenest building services for homes and small businesses through Make in India.

shruthy v s 6 साल 9 महीने पहले

Sir in the field of sports NRI investment can be used in creating infrastucture related to sports like stadiums, sports training centers,etc.They can be encouraged to sponsor talented sports persons helping them to reach heights of national and international glory

Umesh Pratap Singh 6 साल 9 महीने पहले

Sport is part of education , and it must be routed from primary education ,unfortunately most of schools in India lacks basic infrastructure and trainer of various sports . Govt must come up with schemes which can facilitate to open academies on block level, Public -NRI partnership cab be chalked out , public here may be Gram Pradhan and school managements , state level players will be compulsion to incorporate as a part of management.talented players can be sponsored for advanced level.

Vivek Gautam 6 साल 9 महीने पहले

Respected Sir, I came across a video in Facebook today posted by few Indian workers who are stranded in Saudi Arabia since they are not allowed to return back to India even after completion of their tenure and have no resources left, pl look into this and help them:

palanidas chettiyar 6 साल 9 महीने पहले

my requst to shree Modiji,during congress rule many of our rights has been muted by finance minister my requst to u is please restore them and do creat some program like a NRI working in gulf country can buy a house on instalment,many banks do not entertain this and we NRI should vote we r still CITIZENS of INDIA.