बेहतर नकद प्रबंधन के माध्यकम से वित्तीेय लागत को कम करने के लिए सुझाव दें

Measures to reduce financial costs through better Cash Management
Last Date Nov 01,2014 04:15 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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बेहतर नकद प्रबंधन प्रणाली के माध्यिम से वित्ती य लागत में कमी लाने ...

बेहतर नकद प्रबंधन प्रणाली के माध्यिम से वित्ती य लागत में कमी लाने के लिए उपाय सुझाएँ।

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PARVEEN KUMAR 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

Dear Sir,

I have first suggestion to minimize the financial costs that please issued toll free number to regarding corruption, and illegal banking transaction, because banking is main roll to making black money to white and transfer Indian currency to another country, (for that reason our currency is down rather than dollor). because many parson for short profit they have tranfered the our currency to another countery. And behind the toll free number the pearson will be honest .

Banda Srinivasa Reddy 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

an example- If a person purchases a plot for 5 lacks. But it's actual market prize is 10 lacks. He has to pay 10 lacks. but he shows govt only 5 lacks in registration. He pays cash 5 lacks without knowing the govt. If transactions should be done by bank account only, he could not able to pay extra money without knowing the govt. He compels to pay the market prize and pays the tax to govt. No body can escape from this system. If it implements I hope corruption can be reduce to 0%age.

Banda Srinivasa Reddy 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

Sir, I have a one suggestion to minimize the corruption in India. All transactions should be done through bank account only except two to five thousand. No cash transactions accept by all departments even markets. Automatically money kept in the bank. Taxes can be charged 2% on every transaction. Govt will get more funds. A person can not hide or block cash at their own, because no body accept cash more than 5000/- transactions. Constructionists also fears about their transparency bank a/c.

Sunil Ramrakhyani 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

Save Rs. 5 crore in a month. Sir Namaste, we have appox 5 crore Central & State govt staff who works in various office. These staff requires office stationery (pen, papers, files, staplers, etc). i assume per staff pm stationery consumption is Rs 25. If we centrally fix procurement rates with 1 or 2 big vendors and get even 1 rupee discount per staff, we can save Rs 5 crores in a month. Let these rates are shared with various offices and procurement process is decentralised. It really works...

Banda Srinivasa Reddy 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

Being an Ex-Serviceman, I would like to remind about your promise to implement One Rank One Pension at Rewari (Haryana) on 17 Sep 2013 and recently your visit Siachin Galcier on Dewali celebration. Sir all Indian Ex-Servicemen are eagerly waiting for OROP implementation. Already huge loss was done UPA Govt to EXS non-implementation OROP since 2006 due to inefficiency of their leadership. But today we have a great and strong leadership govt, and we trust you completely. Please treat urgent.

Banda Srinivasa Reddy 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

Sir, I had been in Indian Army for 17 years and present working as a High School Teacher of Social Studies. I am doing all efforts to motivate the students to become a good citizens. I teach them to take part in the making of a responsible society.

Sandeep Bhise 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

The Best expenditure management software is just possible what europian countries do follow. We have huge skilled IT students & experienced peoples.Just request for the software.I am sure indian government can get the same with economical cost.Note that not to ask for free as its the point of credibility.But can be nominal cost Indians can work on the same. NRIs also can help.So building the team with NRIl,Experianced indian softwares and the young students its possible to get the customized MRP

amit kumar MALL 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

sir, i would like to know how we will clean the Ganga Maa and India with the corrupted Officers, 80% officers are Corrupted , with the corrupted officers and corrupted dept. we will unable to success .so i am requesting Sir first clean the corruption