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Making India a sports superpower
Last Date May 09,2015 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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भारत खेलों के क्षेत्र में लगातार प्रगति कर रहा है, परंतु भारत में ...

भारत खेलों के क्षेत्र में लगातार प्रगति कर रहा है, परंतु भारत में इससे भी बेहतर करने की क्षमता है। खेल संस्कृति को सही दिशा में विकसित करना, खेल और शिक्षा का एकीकरण, प्रारंभ में ही प्रतिभा की पहचान करना, उच्च स्तर के प्रशिक्षण के माध्यम से खिलाड़ियों को सहायता प्रदान करना, व्यापक अनुभव और खेल विज्ञान और चिकित्सा इत्यादि की दिशा में उचित कदम उठाए जाएं, तो भारत खेलों में एक बड़ी शक्ति के रूप में उभर सकता है।

इस दिशा में क्या कदम उठाए जा सकते है इससे संबंधित अपने सुझाव साझा करें।

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Appaso Dhulaj 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

very small things government needs to do , when the skill of the sportsman is noticed at young age, he/she needs to be picked up and all support from the government should be given. example. a shooters are emerging in Maharashtra but they do not have good support for the weapons,travel facility , accommodation at the event places like Mumbai, Delhi etc when they go for events. many can't afford to pay travel charges. government should think seriously

paras kandpal 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

In my view there is enough capability in our player's,the thing which matter is the climatic condition and the environment where they play.SO ministry of sport's should try that the player's get much training abroad,rather then in our country.And for promoting sport's we should have to change our rules,because for coming in an national team in any sport's its very tough procedure for an middle class or for a guy who belongs from weaker section's.I think government should come with a scheme that

hampi 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

1)first give special consideration for sportsman like giving govt. jobs
2)build more schools which gives preference to sports
3)make a rule that every educational institution must have a play ground then only government will give permission for that institution
4)encouragement in sports is very dull in our country,all sportsman may not be good at studies but in our country if u r not good at studies u r underestimated.

Kushan rai 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

1) de centralise SAI
2) start hiring youngsters from different strata like MBA colleges you want to be a part of it and allow them to run and build sports infra at the grass root levels
3) create accountability through transperancy.
4) remove beuraucracy from the system
5) partially privatise SAI
6) facilitate better infra at local levels with minimum support wages and food

I have many more points but confused if it matters. Will love to be a part of any initiative

siddhant dalvi 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

In many schools sports is just for leisure and not taught properly we can try and focus on child if he plays a sport well we should encourage him to go further also grounds should be made available at low price for all sports like hockey,football,tennis.also sports should be given a high priority in schools generally schools fail to do so.even counselling must be done of achieving students so that if they need any help the management can do so.sports and fitness must not be neglected

PRAVIN SANTOSH MAURYA 5 साल 4 महीने पहले

Basic foundation is must needed for enhancing sports. School-Interschool-District-State.........is the common method of growing sports that should be change at best level.It can be IOA i.e Indian Olympic Association-[School-Interschool-District-State.........]