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Share Your Ideas on "Need for Self Reliance through Steel"
Last Date May 22,2017 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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चंपारण सत्याग्रह गांधी जी की आत्मनिर्भरता की लड़ाई का प्रारंभिक ...

चंपारण सत्याग्रह गांधी जी की आत्मनिर्भरता की लड़ाई का प्रारंभिक बिंदु है। आज संपूर्ण देश आत्मनिर्भरता की इस लड़ाई की 100वीं वर्षगांठ मना रहा है। इसी अवसर पर एमएसटीसी लिमिटेड इस्पात क्षेत्र में आत्मनिर्भरता को प्रोत्साहित करते हुए “इस्पात के माध्यम से आत्मनिर्भरता की आवश्यकता” विषय पर एक समूह चर्चा का आयोजन कर रही है और आपके सुझाव आमंत्रित करती है।

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NANDAN SHERLEKAR 3 साल 2 महीने पहले

Self reliance can come only when we design & convert into reality undergoing all short comings in manufacturing​.we are major producers of grey iron castings both domestically and globally.In my opinion there is a relatively new field of engg components produced in Austempered ductile iron.The general thinking is the cost of materials is high.Actually the strength of the material is as high as 5 times.our designers can reduce wall thickness & wt.to be competitive globally with cheaper manpower.

NANDAN SHERLEKAR 3 साल 2 महीने पहले

When we can show the world with cheapest space projects why not in other fields.we have to explore possibilities of producing high manganese mild steel sheets.it has superior properties like strength, reduction in thickness for the same strength,work hardening.we need roofing sheets, automobile body sheets.Devloped countries are already on this project.why with so many engineer's we cannot achieve this goal. This is my view may be right or wrong with our limitations on R&D.

Sawvik Thomas 3 साल 2 महीने पहले

As i am a fresher civil engineer I know the importance of steel I different field of construction
As per IS codes it gives percentage of steel should be used in construction
We can less steel and have a better results if we use pretension section but it needs more research work as it is not so good in withstanding Seismic loads because of hung formation....
We can bring change if we fallow example of USA, Germany, Russia from year 1968

uday_shankar shindhe 3 साल 2 महीने पहले

modi DARE and do work by appionting unemployed youth bcz your IAS,KAS,and ministers are looting nation by corruption,casteism,goondism,otherwise UNO has to take over administration of this country upto development.your hindi will not fill stomach,carreer,future and HINDU nation at any rate even for 500 years -9449483053 uday

vassudevan 3 साल 2 महीने पहले

respected sir,
as you know well a small good change in the process will give a good quality improvement . as per my knowledge the existing vertical vents which are used in the steel foundries is the venting process followed by our forefathers when the had invented melting process. these vents should be replaced with my invention VASSUVENT - A HORIZONTAL VENTING TECHNIQUE'FOR SAND CASTINGS ( PATENT NO. 201611005011. )