NRIs & Indian Culture abroad

NRIs  & Indian Culture abroad
Last Date Jul 17,2015 04:15 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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प्रवासी भारतीयों द्वारा स्थानीय और देश दोनों में जिसमें भी वे रहते ...

प्रवासी भारतीयों द्वारा स्थानीय और देश दोनों में जिसमें भी वे रहते हैं, भारतीय संस्कृति को बढ़ावा देने के लिए क्या किया जाना चाहिए?

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Jinesh Parekh 5 साल 11 महीने पहले

I am an NRI living in a tiny northern European country called Estonia. Many people here are ignorant about India. They still think all of us dance with snakes and ride on cows. The "slumdog" stereotype.

Anyway, every month I host something host an "Indian Food Night". In my opinion, even if you hate India - you cannot hate Indian food and hospitality. It's the best way I have changed people's views towards India. I encourage fellow NRIs to try this! :)

vijay_80 5 साल 12 महीने पहले

First of all I would like to request what difficulties NRI facing from government office in abroad -CGI, Bank, Income Tax, simplicity of communication still government web site mentioning PIO card which is no more now onward, complicated renewal process of OCI card, voting right for OCI not only for NRI than it will be good to discuss other issue

Vinod Kumar 6 साल 3 सप्ताह पहले

Even our Army does not have all these modern equipments, logistics and resources. When any army man dies in Kashmir , I feel our country is defeated. Such a big country with so much resources can not fight terrorists and gets killed. That is a shame and let us down. There is so much technological advances now a days. why let our soldiers die. We need to have highly professional with modern look army. I need to see the roadmap for the same. Mr Parrikar, r u listening.? Forces need a revolution.

Vinod Kumar 6 साल 3 सप्ताह पहले

Next Year We should showcase how NDA has made difference in executing the project on the ground compared to UPA. State government will not do a good steady and sustainable work. We need to find ways as implementation is the key. Does Home ministry have plan to reform our para forces to make them professional, disciplined, lethal, corruption free fair recruitment etc. They still do not seem to have bullet proof jackets, good weapons, good helmets with camera and binocular, dress and shoes etc.

Amit Shah 6 साल 4 सप्ताह पहले

Sir, We need to facilitate NRI to vote while staying abroad, like any other country does. there should be easy registration and voting process so that the NRIs don't hesitate to caste their votes. NRIs are very important part to play in Indian democracy, they can't be neglected easily, and as global experience, their point of view must be count.

selvarani papanasam 6 साल 1 महीना पहले

please arrange online facility or someother camp on respective embassy for Adhaar Card and votting poll.

according their amount cumulated money pls. arrange some benefit scheme return homecountry.

pls.monitor carefully about money transaction

Vinod Kumar 6 साल 1 महीना पहले

We need to recognize that AAP got 67/70 seats and We need to respect that. This current tussle will not benefit BJP rather it may damage. I am not sure whether We are trying to create some ground to change the Delhi governance laws but it is not good show. Delhites are politically very active/mature and Delhites will understand each nitty gritty even if they are hidden from them. Delhi is Media center too.We just can't fool Delhites. Pls Communicate better about this unlike in case of Land bill.

Vinod Kumar 6 साल 1 महीना पहले

India is really lucky to have this current gov dispensation. Think about how many ppl's future were crushed by UPA in 10 Yrs and we went back by 10 yrs. This gov is doing fantastic and I do not know why some ppl still wants to be negative and even Indian media is hell bent upon being negative. So many good things are happening. I am not sure about these folks intent. All ministries are doing so good. Piyush is good, Pradhan is cool, Menaka is fine. Not sure about about Home and defense ministr.

Vinod Kumar 6 साल 1 महीना पहले

There are reports that Chinese wealthy ppl are leaving china and china has all its infrastructure on debts. There is a freedom issue for different types and it has disputes all around and it fears USA. China can explode any time due to lack of rights and freedom. How long a country can survive like that and no country can suppress its people for long. When we talk of cooperative federalism and we should also talk about one India as more talk of federalism can lead to separatism.

Vinod Kumar 6 साल 1 महीना पहले

Here are some facts:- China should be happy with Captured Tibet and give concessions to us now. China will likely settle border with NDA Gov and they know that Modi is strong and can only settle border like Mr Vajpayee settled Sikkim as NDA has majority and UPA will less likely to settle since Nehru did it. China is not war mongering and will not fight for Tawang. China also should know that since there is no LOC, anyone can take land upto any point.