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Jul 15, 2019
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Dec 31, 2021
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

खुली चर्चा का एक ऐसा मंच जहाँ आप शासन और नीति-निर्माण के किसी भी विषय ...

खुली चर्चा का एक ऐसा मंच जहाँ आप शासन और नीति-निर्माण के किसी भी विषय पर अपने बहुमूल्य विचारों और सुझावों को साझा कर सकते हैं। ऐसे विचार जिनसे 2022 तक एक नए भारत के निर्माण में मदद मिले। (यह मंच उन मुद्दों और विषयों के लिए है जिनसे संबंधित MyGov पर कोई अन्य चर्चा नहीं चल रहा हो और यह नागरिकों के दृष्टिकोण से बेहद महत्वपूर्ण हो।)

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Antony Barrows 2 घंटे 4 मिनट पहले

Simplify GST filing. Make it a continuous process where in the bill issuer has to enter the bill with in short time limit online so that the input credit can be taken when it appears online. Purchasing party shall be able to verify genuineness of the invoice. Do away with RETURN filing system. Make it a seamless process.
Make provision for correcting mistakes in Eway bill. Time limit presently is 24 hours, please give longer period for correction.

V.Prabhulla Chandran 2 घंटे 53 मिनट पहले

One India - One pension scheme must be done in our country.Every citizen have equal rights , so there should not be any in difference in any aspects.From birth to till end of life peson pays same tax to Govt.So,pension is also must be the same except militants.This money again will comes to market, so Govt.will get more income.The cycle will goes on and common man will be happy too..They can survive to certain extent..Please sir..

AjayMohanlalGupta 3 घंटे 24 मिनट पहले

sir aap se ek request hai jis din koi desh ka Soldier saheed hua ho uss din koi festival na manaya jaye 🙏🙏🙏
agar ho sake to gov se ye req hai aisa koi donation center ready kare jisse special usi din logo se jyada nahi sirf 1 Rs donation uss family ke liye aur 1 RS koi bada amount hai bhi nahi jab 135cr public ek saath donate karegi to wo uss family ko bht support hoga

MUSKANRANJAN 3 घंटे 28 मिनट पहले

There is a need to explore possible solutions and put forward key policy and programme proposals for the integrated management of acute malnutrition and mitigating the impact of Covid-19.
Also more encouragement should be given to maternal, infant and young child nutrition actions.
Child-sensitive social protection schemes, like Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojna (PMMVY), need to be implemented in a way so that they reach the last child.
Ensure that PDS is accessible vulnerable populations.

Vijayan Sathia Pradeep 6 घंटे 13 मिनट पहले

Respected Hon., Prime Minister, Shri Modiji, pranam,
My humble request to your august self, soldiers, whether in service or retired, we need to honour them by bestowing them the privilege of being considered as priviledged citizens' by prioritizing them with first preference by issuance of a card " honoured citizen" thereby they get priority in all walks of service, thereby honouring their sacrifice.