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खुली चर्चा का एक ऐसा मंच जहाँ आप शासन और नीति-निर्माण के किसी भी विषय ...

खुली चर्चा का एक ऐसा मंच जहाँ आप शासन और नीति-निर्माण के किसी भी विषय पर अपने बहुमूल्य विचारों और सुझावों को साझा कर सकते हैं। ऐसे विचार जिनसे 2022 तक एक नए भारत के निर्माण में मदद मिले। (यह मंच उन मुद्दों और विषयों के लिए है जिनसे संबंधित MyGov पर कोई अन्य चर्चा नहीं चल रहा हो और यह नागरिकों के दृष्टिकोण से बेहद महत्वपूर्ण हो।)

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Jitesh Amin 12 मिनट 43 सेकंड पहले

Hello Sir my name is Jitesh G Amin and was going through one video in fb related to bed for corona patients.. And all hospitals said not available.... The video was to check the status of bed in mumbai hospitals...

So one suggestion came up in my mind why not all Hospitals use one app wherein the status of bed will be updated every 30min or once any discharge or admit happens and the same is reflected all over mumbai Or india all registered hospitals.. All hospital's has to register to it

Risha Raj 13 मिनट 59 सेकंड पहले

Dear sir,
I hope you are well and all those people who are with you and work for us and our economy. You all are going good and great job. But you will be fail if Indians are not support you.

Aapne food provide ko lekr, money ko market m supply krne ko lekr Jo v step liya h wo Acha h bt Kya Jin tk jitna pahunchana chahiye pahunch rha h.
Aaj v sb Hindu, Muslim, or other cast bnkr covid se fight kr rhe h. Agar hm sb Indian bnkr insaniyat k liye fight kre tbhi Sahi maybe m hmari jeet hogi.

Jitesh Amin 14 मिनट 7 सेकंड पहले

Suggestion to end/reduce china's rule in Indian market.

I think india should come up wit a list what all goods products indians use of made in china here i am talking about purely made in china wit mark... Label... Such products should be reviewed and india with governments help should view and Start producing such things here quality is imp... and such companies should be exempted from taxes to promote with this use of made in china will stop... India will gain more income and employment

chandan singh 33 मिनट 18 सेकंड पहले

For state like bihar, center shld give funds to establish or restart old industry like jute, sugarcane,corn flake , peanut butter,neem allout,other insect repellent on basis of neem.
Funds shld be used for theses purposes only plz have meeting on this ,if u leave poorest state out of every equation how will India grow,
At least every commissionaire shld have home grown industry.
Create ngo, third party contract employment on basis of that ngo,do something.

Rupesh sahu 42 मिनट 34 सेकंड पहले

Please avoid made in china and promote made in India so job will increase.we the people of india want minimum job guarantee to explore our future.oppostion is trying to make a serious concern about unemployment in India. don't let them to make them .you can start minimum wages guarantee yojana to help educated unemployed youth. Thank you sir