Suggestions Invited for Development of Road Junctions in Varanasi City

Last Date Sep 08,2017 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
प्रस्तुतियाँ समाप्त हो चुके

High vehicle density added with lack of pedestrian safety measures have led to an increasing congestion and accident rates particularly at the intersection in the city of Varanasi, ...

High vehicle density added with lack of pedestrian safety measures have led to an increasing congestion and accident rates particularly at the intersection in the city of Varanasi, and thus has been an area of major concerns. To tackle this issue and rejuvenate the oldest Indian living city of Varanasi, Nagar Nigam Varanasi has proposed to improve aesthetics of certain identified intersections with footpaths, pedestrian crossings and improved traffic movement. Institute of Urban Transport (India) was entrusted to undertake this improvement plan for the identified junctions in the city.
The main objective of intersection design is to facilitate the safe and efficient movements of all vehicles including heavy vehicles (buses, trucks etc.) and NMT (bicycles, pedestrians etc.). The upgraded design options so made have considered the following key points:

a. No damage to green belt
b. Improvisation of all the medians for smooth traffic flow
c. Improvisation of existing NMT facilities
d. Smoothening of all entry exit curves
e. Providing free left turns based on space availability and traffic flow
f. Improvisation of existing pedestrian crossing facilitating with pedestrian refuge

As first phase of this study based on the reconnaissance survey, data analysis, stakeholder consultations and expert analysis all the below mentioned six intersections have been redesigned. The new circulation plans conceptualised are as follows:

1- Nadesar Crossing (Design Options)
2- Englishiya Line & 3- Cantt Crossing (Design Options)
4- Andhra Pul Crossing & 5- Chaukaghat Crossing (Design Options)
6- Police lines Crossing (Design Options)
7- Kachari Crossing
8- Pandeypur Crossing

Complete Plan proposal of junctions can be downloaded hear. Varanasi Junction Plan Report

Please give your feedback, Ideas, suggestions in concept designs of the Development of the above mentioned junctions.

Detailed Concept design is attached as PDF file.

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ishu raj 3 साल 9 महीने पहले

First of all take care of enviroment sir you are already doing the work on clean ganga so next step to control noise and air pollution which are mostly generate from auto ,yransportaion service also take leagal action against those doctor and pharma shop which are doing unethical practice..provide best transport way like e-buses ,e-rikshwa ..

pankaj chudasama 3 साल 9 महीने पहले

Varanasi is mythology city and river most atraction of city . First do clean ganga and if समशानघाट है तो दुर हो.. रोड की दोनो और डसटबीन और
फुटपाठ हो. पुरा पाकीग हो सभी वाहनो के लीए .

Mrs Singh 3 साल 9 महीने पहले


Repist k liye koi kathor saja honi chahiye nai to beti bachao , beti padhao ka koi matlab nai banta hai.
Kehne k liye bahot kuchh hai kyoki meri v ek beti hai aur uske liye humesha darr bana rehta hai.
Please aapse nivedan hai koi kathor kadam uthaya jaye nai to fir se wahi din aayenge jab betiyo ko paida hone se pehle hi maar diya jata thha......

Mrs Singh 3 साल 9 महीने पहले

Respected Sir,

Bahot ummid k sath likh rahi hu k aap koi na koi sahi nirnay lenge : Ye Ayodhya mein Mandir ya Masjid ka vivad ab tak kyo chale aarha hai. Kya Bhagwan Ram ne bola ha ki mere liye wahi pe hi mandir banwaya jaye ya fir Allah ne bola? Kya hum Super speciality hospital nai banwa sakte taki sabhi dharmo ko logo ka free mein treatment ho sake? Anathalay nai banwa sakte? Ismein na Ramji ko koi aapatti hogi na Allah ko.

Ahmad Fareed 3 साल 9 महीने पहले

All encroachment of roads and footpaths has to be removed. There should be a dedicated 'squad' whose only job should be to ensure that all public spaces, including roads and footpaths, are made encroachment-free.
Auto rickshaws stop at road-junctions to drop/take passengers, creating traffic jams. A better traffic policing can tackle this problem.


Sir pahile to me aapko badhai deta hu ki aap Varanasi ke Vikas ke liye tatpar he, kintu jab hum kuch karne jate he to choti choti cheeje andekha ho jati he, bus Wahi nuksan uthana padta he. Har ek bund bund se Sagar Banta he wusi tarah har choti choti cheeje se wikas aage badta he.