TRAI Invites Suggestions for Consultation Paper on Allotment of spectrum to Indian Railways for Public Safety and Security services

Last Date Aug 05,2019 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Department of Telecommunications (DoT) through their letter dated 27th February 2019 has informed that Indian Railways has proposed to install an Ultra-high-speed LTE based ...

Department of Telecommunications (DoT) through their letter dated 27th February 2019 has informed that Indian Railways has proposed to install an Ultra-high-speed LTE based communication corridor along their network for Train-Ground and Train-Train communication. In this connection Indian Railways has requested DoT to reserve 15 MHz of spectrum in 700 MHz band for the purpose and to begin with 10 MHz to be allocated free of cost as the proposal is devoid of any commercial gain, but only for enhancing security and passenger amenities. Through the said letter, DoT has also requested TRAI to provide recommendations on administrative allotment of spectrum to Indian Railways and the quantum, price, appropriate frequency band (including 450-470 MHz band) and any other related issue.

A Consultation Paper on “Allotment of Spectrum to Indian Railways for Public Safety and Security Services” has been released to discuss the issues involved. Written comments on the issues raised in the Consultation Paper are invited from the stakeholders by 22nd July 2019 and counter-comments by 5th August 2019.

For any clarification / information Shri S.T. Abbas, Advisor (Networks, Spectrum & Licensing), TRAI may be contacted at Telephone Number +91-11-23210481.

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Suraj Kage 59 minutes 16 sec ago

Need to stop unhealthy unhygienic food in the train and on platform. The quality and quantity for is very cheap with higher cost. AC coches should be filled with Microwave Oven and food vending and coffee vending machines. Need to work on sitting arrangement on General and Second Class. its congested and unsafe...

Karthik Kannan 2 hours 48 minutes ago

RFID embedding in the engine and last coach of the train would be more reliable. When a train enters a station, RFID reader can the read the Train's detail and broadcast it on the signboards. also for the Train Masters along the entire route. This will greatly reduce the man work across the crossing and gauge changing mans. Pilots can concentrate on driving train rather than keeping eye on Walkie Talkies.

Vidhya Chandra Sekaran 4 hours 44 minutes ago

Theft and general safety of vulnerable populations like women, children and elderly people should be given utmost importance. facilities granted by govt should be easily accessible by the general public. Railway catering should be made hygienic and liked by passengers in terms of sensory evaluation.

hareesh sh 5 hours 9 minutes ago

pls introduce system for govt employees to file complaints against corruption in their own department .unanimous letters should be accepted .System need retired judicial personnel .nowadays govt official get opportunity to reveal corruption only after retirement .if we introduce the system it will strengthen our executive system.Now any govt official reveal anything he will face action.This system should be confidential and have a secure nature..

Azad Ali 5 hours 16 minutes ago

"devoid of any commercial gain" ???? how would Railway going to get the cost for network setup?
Again, will the network be 5G ready? Without a proper roadmap, i think, it would be wastage of money. However, I don't see any issue if TRAI reserves the requested frequencies for Railway. If it can be done for Military, why not for Railways.

SIMMI MADAN 5 hours 28 minutes ago

people with or without ticket should not be allowed to sit on the floor of the train and restrict the walking other other passengers.
CCTV is iimportant for any misconduct with any passenger relating to the seats allotment. no body should be forced out of there reserved seats.

Jagdish Ev 6 hours 38 sec ago

passengers without reservation should strictly not be allowed in reserved compartments, there is lot of inconvenience to the reserved passengers and there are lot of security issues due to this problem.

Prabhat Kumar 6 hours 59 minutes ago

General coach should be redesigned to accommodate more people and luggage. Ticket should be issued only for the available seats and other classes may bear the cost of inducing more general coaches if this is not cost effective.
Each seat in all the coaches may be designed to have lockable box for valuables to minimise thefts.
There should be an option to see the available seats and selection of the same while booking seats berth.
A note that young people between 10 - 30 age should chose upper

Mahesh Mirchandani 7 hours 30 minutes ago

CCTV and detector in all Railway compartments if any explosives or hazardous things are kept giving immediate buzzer and signal to the motorman and outside compartment will save life and property of citizens and fear in minds of anti social elements. Proper maintenance of trains and tracks will also help to great extent. Installation of detector giving buzzer in advance in front of motorman's cabin in bottom for any tracks breakage or blockage will also solve the above purpose.