Suggestions on the innovative ways of conducting a beach cleaning activity

Suggestions on the innovative ways of conducting a beach cleaning activity
Start Date :
Dec 30, 2021
Last Date :
Aug 15, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Namami Tate Is a campaign brought to you by the Ministry of Earth Sciences in collaboration with the Government of India. This campaign is part of the Government of India’s 75 ...

Namami Tate Is a campaign brought to you by the Ministry of Earth Sciences in collaboration with the Government of India. This campaign is part of the Government of India’s 75 week celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mohotsav. Through Namami Tate, we are targeting cleaning of some of the dirtiest beaches of India with the help of the Government as well as fellow citizens. Beaches play a fundamental role in maintaining the health of the oceans and also provide habitat to a number of marine species.

However, last year, a group of researchers from ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE) found that the north-east Arabian Sea, just off Mumbai, contained an estimated 379 MT of marine debris of which plastics contributed to 40.6% of the total by weight. A major portion of this debris washes up on the beaches creating health, environmental, economic as well as social hazards. The fast-paced growth of the tourism sector combined with the lack of awareness on the part of citizens about the damaging impact of pollution is one of the leading causes of the abysmal condition of our beaches. The Namami Tate campaign aims to clean these beaches and protect our precious marine biodiversity.

The Ministry of Earth Sciences invites suggestions from the citizens of India about the innovative ways in which we can conduct this beach cleaning activity. We value your suggestions which would be instrumental in implementing this campaign.

The best entries from the citizens will be identified by the Ministry and will be featured on the MyGov page.

The last date to receive suggestions is 15th August 2022.

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AkankshaGarg 3 days 9 hours ago

Water 💧💧💧💧
In all aspects were need water. Nature has given us many resources which we can developed and conserve them for future use. Unfortunately we are destroying them. Using the technology in destroying not in developing.
WATER Purification:
Alum and chlorine for contamination
Not to pore harmful chemicals
Not throw plastic or chemical in water lakes
Use bins for garbage not lakes or beaches as dustbin
Even you can use organic kitchen waste to make compost and
plant a sapling.
#जल ही जीवन है 🌊🏞️🌍💧💦

Priyanka Singh 3 days 10 hours ago

1. The beggars can be employed by giving 5 rupees per kg garbage collected by them from people holidaying on the beach.
2. Fining those littering.
3. Collection points for different kinds of litter( plastic/glass,cloth/paper) like vending machines where a ticket to some museum/amusement park/show can be won by those depositing the maximum qty-these can be sponsored can also be used for advertising.
4. Quarterly games/competitions among sports clubs for collecting the garbage.

AbbiReddyNandiniRajeswari 3 days 12 hours ago

Beach cleanups are important mitigation tools that can help create an understanding of the problem and encourage people to engage in solutions, all food items should be wrapped in eco friendly bags like paper bags and wrappings in leafs ,Many items left on beaches such as broken glasses, sharp metals, or hard plastics may injure beach-goers physically so we should not throw wastage in beach insted we should use dust beans.

CsRamakanth 3 days 13 hours ago

Sir all food snacks must be packed in leafs based containers water to be taken in aluminium flasks tea and drinks in chulad / pottery this waste can be easily segregated and also composted

Sumanth Gunupati 3 days 16 hours ago

The Natures Fabulous Sandy Beaches covers the Country two half, Maintaining the Beaches is a great concern. The GOI can set up an training centers along the Coast line as part of skill development programme to train the youth along the sea shore to clean plastic. The rivers meeting places to the sea can be monitored, as it carries huge sewage waste from the river flow areas.
Educate the living on the banks of the river and small water flows not to dispose the waste the river,as we notice most of the sewage outlets are drained to the river.
""Healthy beaches are the brighter ways for the Future Generations""Inculcate the minds of young generations as part of school programme(outdoor) to pay a visit to make healthy beach.
Social maintenance groups along the Coast line (SEGs) can trained in maintaining the health of the sea

Anshul verma 3 days 20 hours ago

Public Health
Clean beaches have many benefits for human health because the polluted beaches may imperil human lives by beach accidents. Many items left on beaches such as broken glasses, sharp metals, or hard plastics may injure beach-goers physically. Also, marine debris such as fishing gear or nets may risk human life on the beaches. Such pollutants may be a trap for beach users and cause very serious injuries or drowning accidents for tourists.[16]

Anshul verma 3 days 20 hours ago

There are two causes of the degradation of marine ecology and marine debris: the direct forces (population growth, technological development, and economic growth) and proximity forces (land transformation and industrial processes).[5][6] We can think of the direct forces as underlying causes of why we consume an excessive amount of goods by industry process. The excessive consumption of goods causes marine debris because the goods have been packaged by manufactured cheap non-recycle materials such as plastic.[7] Solid waste plastics cannot decompose easily in nature and their decomposition process takes thousands of years to million years but plastic breaks down into continuously smaller pieces (>5 mm) forming that is called micro-plastics.[8][9] Thus, such solid waste products are called marine debris that can be seen all through coastlines and on many beaches through the world.

Anshul verma 3 days 20 hours ago

There are some major sources of beach debris such as beach users, oceans, sea drifts, and river flow. Many beach users leave their litter behind on the beaches after activities. Also, marine debris or chemicals such as raw oil drift from oceans or seas and accumulate on beaches. Additionally, many rivers bring some cities' trashes to beaches. These pollutants harm marine life and ecology, human health, and coastal tourism.[3] Hartley et al.’s (2015) study shows that environmental education is important to eliminate many beach pollutants on beaches and the marine environment.[4]

Anshul verma 3 days 20 hours ago

Beach cleaning or clean-up is the process of removing solid litter, dense chemicals, and organic debris deposited on a beach or coastline by the tide, local visitors, or tourists. Humans pollute beaches with materials such as plastic bottles and bags, plastic straws, fishing gear, cigarette filters, Six pack rings, Surgical mask and many other items that often lead to environmental degradation.[1] Every year hundreds of thousands of volunteers comb beaches and coastlines around the world to clean this debris. These materials are also called “marine debris” or "marine pollution" and their quantity has been increasing due to anthropocentric activities.

shikha 3 days 20 hours ago

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