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In an endeavour to address the inadequacies of capacity constraints and improve its modal share in total freight eco system of the country, Indian Railways has come up with Draft ...

In an endeavour to address the inadequacies of capacity constraints and improve its modal share in total freight eco system of the country, Indian Railways has come up with Draft National Rail Plan.

A draft of long term strategic plan called the National Rail Plan has been developed to plan infrastructural capacity enhancement along with strategies to increase modal share of the Railways. The National Rail Plan will be a common platform for all future infrastructural, business and financial planning of the Railways. This plan is being circulated among various Ministries for their views now. Railways aim to finalise the Final plan by January 2021.

The draft strategy document may be accessed at- Click here

You may share your valuable inputs/comments/suggestion on the draft latest by 22nd January 2021.

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Sunil Kumar 13 hours 15 minutes ago

Presence of cushion in general coach is necessary.
Presence of clean toilets.
Presence of pure water 💦
cleanliness on floors.

YourName spandan bose_1 13 hours 20 minutes ago

Railways should not be privatized. Gov can earn revenue if it is under Gov. If it goes under one private company, then fares will be high and their will be monopoly. Private companies reduce prices when there is competition. Gov can also give better services at reasonable prices to people of India. Central Gov should retain India railways. In uttar Pradesh dangerous incidents happens in trains. Previously robbery, murder happened in trains in uttar Pradesh. Very pathetic incidents.

YourName spandan bose_1 13 hours 34 minutes ago

Dear PM. Central Gov should look after railways. Sustainable developments should happen without destroying nature, sanctuaries, national parks. Bullet train is not needed. Its fare will be very high. So reasonable fare with better service with safety is required. Existing train, lines should be modernised and developed. More trains in routes as required. Mostly people are using airways as they are getting amazing services at reasonable cost. In Goa sanctuaries should not be destroyed for bullet

YourName spandan bose_1 13 hours 40 minutes ago

Dear PM I think bullet train is not so important. Existing train line in India and trains can be developed. Employees should work rightly and with full alertness, so that accidents don't happen. Safety of women and men in trains. Several times some people rob girls and boys in trains. They steal bags from passengers forcefully sometimes, so several people lost money and important belongings and important documents. Sometimes they lost identity cards .etc.

Subbaraj Venkatesh 13 hours 41 minutes ago

New Line:
1. Vadalur-Chidamabaram (Via Bhuvanagri), will connect Salem Bangalore section with Chidambaram, Mayiladuthurai.
2. Virudhachalam-Kumbakonam-Needamangalam(via) Srimushnam (historic temple of Lord Narayana Avatram), Jayamkondam and via Alagudi(historic Guru temple)
Both these could easily connect to Nagapattinam Port and other costal area and have better connectivity to Salem-Bangalore Section and reduce the distance and time greatly.

Arjun Bajpai 14 hours 56 minutes ago

Separate platforms must be designated (if not Separate stations) for Local and Long Distance travel. Long distance travel stations/platforms must be managed like airports, people must come early and go through security checks and only passengers with valid ticket must be allowed to enter the boarding/deboarding area after proper security checks.
I live in Mumbai and it becomes almost impossible to make my way to the platform for my long distance train during office rush hours.

pushpendra sharma 15 hours 45 minutes ago

Railways are must be more digitalise like digital code facilities to authorize seat booking instantly in others the passenger has been rewarded with low to high railway insurance with there Tickets cost of low or high the insurance can be for 2 months to over life according to daily passenger or long journey passenger who more used to travel in railway,this can be the most rewarded and encourage in passenger benefits with there priority if life.

gyaneshwar prasad srivastav 17 hours 59 minutes ago

आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री जी
सादर नमस्कार।
देश की राजधानी हो या राज्य की राजधानी, सभी लोग राजधानी में नहीं रह सकते। प्रायः रेलगाड़ी राजधानी से ही चलनी शुरू होती है या फिर बड़े शहरों से शुरू होती है, इसलिए स्टेशन पर भीड़ बढ जाती है। यदि राजधानी या बडे शहरों से 100 किलोमीटर की दूरी तक सभी ट्रेनों को विस्तार कर दिया जाए, तो बड़े स्टेशनों पर भीड़ कम की जा सकती है। जैसे राँची से बक्सर जाने के लिए पटना मे रुकना पडता है, स्टेशन पर भीड़ बढती है, फिर दूसरे ट्रेन से 100 किलोमीटर से भी कम दूरी के लिए दूसरी ट्रेन।

Vijay Soni Advocate 18 hours 53 minutes ago

रेल योजना के मसौदे के लिए सबसे जरुरी राय जो आम जनता चाहती है के अनुसार आधुनिकतम साधन सुलभ होने चाहिए सुरक्षित और सुलभ यात्रा हो,किराये में भले बढ़ोतरी की जावे किन्तु संसाधन सुलभ ओर सुरक्षित होने चाहिए, इसके लिए निजी कम्पनियों को भी साथ लेकर काम करना चाहिए।

Rajiv Jain 19 hours 47 minutes ago

Dear sir.
The works which was going for completing needs to be advertised publicly timebound ,so that general public get interest in govt works in railways.
That will be the govt vision towords growth in rails.
Otherwise it'll show the slow ness from govt side no progress will be shown timely.
Only one train with out Driver was a great success.
Revolution needs.