Stakeholder Consultation on draft Integrated Goods and Services Tax Law for Inter State Trade or Commerce

In order to engage with the stakeholders and invite comments from the public at large, the Department of Revenue has decided to make available the draft Model Laws on Goods and ...

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Stakeholder Consultation on draft Integrated Goods and Services Tax Law for Inter State Trade or Commerce

In order to engage with the stakeholders and invite comments from the public at large, the Department of Revenue has decided to make available the draft Model Laws on Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the public domain.

There are two Model Laws on GST which are being put up in the public domain. This discussion pertains to the Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) Law for the Centre which relates to Goods and Services tax on supplies in the course of inter-State trade or commerce. The draft law can be seen here. You are invited to submit your comments / feedback on the draft law through this discussion on .

To facilitate the analysis of the comments / feedback, you are requested to add a hashtag to your comments. The hashtags should be added using the following scheme:

Use the hashtag #IGSTChap1 for comments pertaining to Chapter 1 of the IGST Law, #IGSTChap2 for comments pertaining to the Chapter 2 of the IGST Law, etc.

In case you have more than one suggestion to offer, you may find it convenient to type out your comments in a separate document, with hashtags specifying the Chapters for which the comments are being given. This document can be converted into a PDF and uploaded in the discussion thread.

Click here to read the Model IGST Law Draft 1

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R SRIVATCHAN's picture

R SRIVATCHAN 2 years 11 hours ago

Attaching comments based on wider consultations with IIM A Alumni Chapters and on their behalf.

Thus it has views of several elite professionals. Wherever there is support from blog trail same are given, just to make sure that the views echo common businesses & professionals views as well. We IIM A Alumni professionals would have wished much greater participation...but are not unhappy either.

vijay narayana chilaka's picture

vijay narayana chilaka 2 years 21 hours ago

#GoodsandServicesTax, #MyGov Sir Bringin Internet services of mobile operators like AIRTEL etc, especially they are looting ignorant public in various ways. Eg. I bought Rs.300 talk time, i tried Net browising first time it charged Rs.50 for 1 minute, next few minutes total balance nil. It took me 2 years to understand logic,function of Smart phones etc (for MBA Technology mgmt studied) like this two or three times happened. NExt as a small customer i used to buy internet packs,that also same.

Gopinath Sarangi's picture

Gopinath Sarangi 2 years 22 hours ago

There is no need to have separate law for inter State Trade or Commerce. This is redundant concept. The economy need be shackle free to perform and not crowded with too many rule, regulation, procedure etc. The corruption in tax department is due to redundant law and procedure of visit, audit, registration, divisions and sub-divisions of tax payers. WE NEED HAVE SIMPLE LAW TRUST TAX PAYERS UNLESS IT IS PROVED OTHERWISE.


JITENDER SHEKHAWAT 2 years 1 day ago

make simple law,only GST not sgst & cgst.only invoice & e sugam no like Karnataka,no paper use,only in net.income tax add in gst.because 0.01% people pay 80% income tax

sunilrallan's picture

sunilrallan 2 years 1 day ago

The SEZs, EOU are going to be impacted if there the GST Draft Bill in its current format becomes law. Under the current definitions IGST will become payable when an import is made into the SEZ or an EOU . Supplies from DTA into SEZ are treated as Exports . The definitions of Export and Import under the GST Act are aligned with the definitions of Export and Import under the SEZ Act.

prafulla kumar barik's picture

prafulla kumar barik 2 years 2 days ago

Kindly give a reduction of tax to the customer those who are purchasing through debit/credit cards or any bank transaction.

jitendra patel's picture

jitendra patel 2 years 3 days ago

presently there is no excise duty if turn over is below 1.5cr and also TOT dealer in states having turn over of Rs.40 lacs and also income tax law there is no require of audit if turn over is below Rs.1cr

is there any exemption limit in GST?
if not there should be as small dealers will pay 1% on Turn over of specified limit and input credit will not be available who are opting for TOT , this will be big relief for small dealers



It seems that GST is not going to revolutionise country's indirect tax regime..there are no genuine new propsals in the model draft. They have just clubbed together all Taxes, Duties and their provisions..Still there is time for the Government to propose entirely fresh GST Acts and laws there by incorporating "Ease of Doing Business" ethos in the statute...

At present we charge Excise Duty and Sales Tax in the Invoice...Now they are proposing CSGT(Excise) and SGST(Sales Tax).

R SRIVATCHAN's picture

R SRIVATCHAN 2 years 4 days ago

Very complicated. There is no paradigm shift to make it easy to comply. Or use of technology to induce benefits that are rightful, compliance easy, removal of arbitrariness etc. While the intent seems good, the provisions suffer and new layers of misuse are created by way of distributors and their new powers to switch SGST to ISGST or CGST/IGST to IGST and so on. There are suggestions for common software, common and easy book keeping, returns taking input credits, traceability that merit conside

Satish Vitta's picture

Satish Vitta 2 years 6 days ago

The Input Tax Credit is indisible component of GST Chain. Seller/Service provider at each point of sale/provison is statutorily liable to pay GST. When Input tax Credit is linked to payment of tax at previous stage means that chaos in trade. No prudential purchaser would like to pay tax to seller. No seller would supply/provide goods/service without collecting tax since liability to discharge tax is caste upon him. Kindly see the file attached.