Smart Kochi – Suggestions on Area Development Plan

Smart Kochi – Suggestions on Area Development Plan
Last Date Oct 10,2015 17:00 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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The Kochi Municipal Corporation is pleased to inform you that our City has been selected through a competitive process for SMART City Mission initiative of Government of India. In ...

The Kochi Municipal Corporation is pleased to inform you that our City has been selected through a competitive process for SMART City Mission initiative of Government of India. In the next phase, your city has to compete with 98 other cities from across the country to make it into the Top 20 cities which will be taken up for the first round of funding, for the financial year 2015-16. The Stage II involves the preparation of an Area Development Plan under the SMART City Proposal (SCP).

The Area Development Plan may in the form of Retrofitting of existing area (minimum 500 acres) OR Redevelopment of an area (minimum 50 acres) OR Greenfield development (minimum 250 acres). The detailed guidelines are provided in Request your views/ suggestions (including the Non-resident Keralite community) on some of the learning and actions/ initiatives in your experience across the world which may be replicated in Kochi and provide prioritized suggestions for improvement of the city (or a specific area(s) within the city) with focus on physical and social infrastructure plans.

The Broad spectrum of service areas is provided below:

• Adequate water supply including waste water recycling and storm water reuse,
• Assured electricity supply - least 10% of the energy requirement coming from solar power,
• Sanitation, including solid waste management,
• Efficient urban mobility and public transport,
• Affordable Housing, especially for poor,
• Robust IT connectivity and digitalization,
• Good Governance, especially e-Governance and citizen participation,
• Sustainable environment,
• Ensuring safety of citizens, especially women and elderly, and
• Health and education

Kindly, post your views and ideas till 10th October, 2015.

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Gayatri Sharma 3 years 11 months ago

शहर का डेनसिफ़िकेशन न किया जाये यानि कि उसे और ठूँसा न जाये। आज विकास का मतलब शहरों को और ज्यादा ठूँसना हो गया है। कितनी अजीब बात है न कि-अगर बस या ट्रेन में नागरिको को ठूँसा जाये तो वो कैटल -क्लास हो जाती है। परन्तु यही, शहर में ठूँसने को - विकास का नाम दिया जाता है। यह विकास नहीं विनाश है। शहरों को कैटल -क्लास ना बनायें। जरा शहरों को बीच -बीच में से हल्का करें। पार्क, बगीचे, नहरें, चौड़ी सड़कें, खूब वृक्ष। नहीं तो शहरों में कचरे, प्रदूषण, आप धापी, ट्रैफिक इत्यादि की समस्या और बढ़ेगी।

Babu Kuriyadi 3 years 11 months ago

Dear Sir,

A complete new city has the advantage of easy acquisition of land, pleasant atmosphere, state of the art planning and reduced cost. While we can access the potential of the Cochin Town, we can get rid of the congestion, over population, over concentration of commercial enterprises. We can develop the New Cochin as a satellite city to Cochin.

Babu Kuriyadi 3 years 11 months ago

Dear Sir,
We need to utilize the LNG terminal and Kayamkulam Super Thermal Power Plant. We need to utilise the Vizhinjam Terminal as well as Vallarpadam Terminal. So, I suggest the proposed Smart City at a place in between Ernakulam - Kayamkulam - Cherthalla - Alleppey. A new city comprising of 200 square kilometres combining a few Gram Panchayats with access to the NH as well as airport and sea port. There should be provision for expansion of the area to 400 and 800 Sq. KM in 20 and 50 years.

Babu Kuriyadi 3 years 11 months ago

Dear Sir,

Smart City at Cochin is welcome. Any city should have the following:

1. Good Roads
2. Good environment
3. Good quality uninterrupted power
4. Plenty of free space.

Unfortunately we do not have anything of the above in the Cochin Corporation. It is also not possible to make these facilities available to Cochin as it is densely populated and over crowded.

So, I propose a new city outside the GCDA area with all modern amenities.


Abhishek Gupta 3 years 11 months ago

A city is not smart until it manages its waste well. Waste management process should be decentralised and locality based, quick and real time. It is surprising to note that 70% of waste is organic in nature & can be reprocessed before it becomes waste or, thereafter, can be recycled in a sustainable manner. We have invented a Green Waste Reprocessor machine which re‐process all green reject and converts it into valuable by‐products. More details can be found on

P Sai Bharadwaj 3 years 11 months ago

A great step in sewage management is to process then sewage in BIOGAS units and use the biogas as fuel.Not only this,the biogas sewage sludge which is left over can be used as manure or landfill for growth of POPLAR,which is a shrub which grows into adult plant size in under one year.So an ANNUAL POPLAR BASED SHORT ROTATION COPPICE can be initiated at urban level.This poplar harvest(WOOD) can be used BOTH FOR PLYWOOD MAKING AND THERMAL ELECTRICITY GENERARATION FROM CHARCOAL.PLEASE DON,T WORRY ABOUT CO? FOOTPRINTS WHEN I HAVE SAID'THERMAL ELECTRICITY' , BECAUSE THIS IS A CLOSED CYCLE CO? GENERATION.That means whatever co? is generated by this year's poplar is actually utilized by the next year's poplar crop.This technology is presently being used in England.The requirements needed for this project would be a large piece land,thermal electricity generation machinery,wood cutting manpower and machinery for cutting wood into small chips(for efficient combustion) as well as a very very efficient system for collection of sewage and organic waste.It is best if we can promote WASTE SEGREGATION AT SOURCE.The organic waste consisting of kitchen waste,dried biomass like leaves etc. can also be added to biogas chamber along with sewage.The non organic waste like plastic SHOULD BE RECYCLED.AGAIN FOR THIS ALSO,WE HAVE A GOOD TECHNOLOGY WITH ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT AND THAT IS CALLED "solar rotational molding" by LIGHTMANUFACTURING.COM.By this technology we can mold the thermoplastic waste into useful products like dustbins,water tanks,etc.SPECIAL MENTION OF PLASTIC BOTTLES:THESE CAN BE USED TO CREATE MANY ACTIVE AND CREATIVE THINGS OF EVERYDAY USE SUCH AS TOYS,MONEY PURSES,ETC and even STREET LIGHTS.YES,STREET LIGHTS.VISIT liter of to know more.PAPER WASTE CONSISTING OF papers ,cardboards etc. constitutes about 50% of an average Indian dustbin.All this paper can be recycled.Many of our municipal corporations are trying to get rid of all this waste by just incinarating it.BUT BELIEVE ME INCINERATION WON'T HELP IN THE LONG RUN.IT ONLY ADDS MORE CO?TO THE ATMOSPHERE.Waste segregation at source and proper processing of solid waste both from dustbins and latrines can alone help our 'SMART CITIES' to :
1)efficiently handle wastes
2)create more job opportunities
3)create a more eco friendly city with minimum carbon credits
4)create amenities such as plastic,wood,electricity,paper within the borders of the city so as to improve the services to people.

Anumod I S 3 years 11 months ago

10) Measure to Control sound pollution.
11) Control of reckless driving and traffic law violations by Private buses and Autorickshaws.
12) Facility to Clear the newly formed path holes immediately.
13) Better drainage system.
14) Control of all forms of Air, Water and Soil pollution.
15) More trees and parks.

Anumod I S 3 years 11 months ago

5) No one should be allowed to destroy the roads for laying cables. Water pipelines and underground cables must be moved to the sides of the road.
6) The long waited LNG project should be completed soon.
7) Flyovers/Underground passages in locations that suffer traffic congestion.
8) Facility for garbage disposal.
9) Effective control of street Dogs

Anumod I S 3 years 11 months ago

1) All cable lines including electric lines should be made Underground.
2) Good Footpaths and Bicycle Lanes is a must for a smart city
3) Strict Ban of Flex Boards on footpaths. Today most of the footpaths of Kochi are filled with flex boards. Unfortunately the majority of them are are owned by the Ruling Party.
4) Police should be empowered to take action against those who pollute the city with waste, plastic, flex boards, banners, Posters etc.