Smart City Namma Bengaluru

Smart City Namma Bengaluru
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Bengaluru (erstwhile Bangalore), the capital of Karnataka, has a history of over four hundred years, having been founded by Magadi Kempegowda in the year 1537 AD. With its ...

Bengaluru (erstwhile Bangalore), the capital of Karnataka, has a history of over four hundred years, having been founded by Magadi Kempegowda in the year 1537 AD. With its strategic location as well as congenial climate, fertile land & adequate rainfall has grown steadily in its area.

The history of municipal governance of Bangalore dates back to 1862, when nine leading citizens of the city formed a Municipal Board under the Improvement of Towns Act of 1850. Later, a similar Municipal Board was also formed in the Cantonment area of the city. The two boards were legalised in 1881, and functioned as two independent bodies called the Bangalore City Municipality and the Bangalore Civil and Military Station Municipality.

Post-Independence, the two Municipal Boards were merged to form the Corporation of the City of Bangalore in 1949. In January 2007, the Karnataka Government issued a notification to merge 100 wards of the erstwhile Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) with seven City Municipal Council (CMCs’), one Town Municipal Council (CMC) and 111 villages around the city to form a single administrative area and the body was renamed 'Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike' (BBMP) in 2007.

Kindly post your views and your ideas for Smart city Proposal preparation till 25th June, 2016.

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T SATHYANARAYANA 4 years 2 months ago

In cities now a days due to increase in cars is creating traffic jam. I am attaching a photo of model of a new type of flyover which will allow movement of LMVs, 2 wheelers from any side to any direction without traffic signal taking less space compared to Clover leaf design. I have also designed an improvised long distance flyover which will help traffic in between the end points. I am unable to attach photo of model. I got no response from govt. officials. Now will try through Court by PIL

T SATHYANARAYANA 4 years 2 months ago

I find that the civic authorities are ready to hear citizens.I have a suggestion to improve traffic problems by . My suggestion is accepted for further consideration by Sri. Harish, Asst. Professor of structural engineering, M S Ramaiah Engineering College, Mathikere, Bengaluru after he visited my house to verify the model I have prepare with two other fellow professors. My design will demand less space and cost. My desigen of flyover will allow movement of traffic from any side to any side wi

abhi amalkar 4 years 2 months ago

Bangalore is an hub for start-ups
Itz here wer ideas generate
Though this has nt reflected in bangalore infrastructure coz of political negligence
This cud end if bangalore get in smart city list #bengaluru

Seturam Neginhal 4 years 2 months ago

My suggestions for making Bengaluru a smart city are as under:
1.All encroached areas of city lakes should be converted into tree parks.
2.All vacant areas available in the city should also be converted into city parks.
3.The domesticated dogs in the city are creating nuisance on the roads. So the owners of these dogs should collect all dog droppings into a separate bag and carry them for further disposal.

Madhava V Banavar 4 years 2 months ago

So my opinion is first the Govt. and senior officers has to learn ABCD and then do Ph.d
don't think smart and directly study Ph.d

Bangalore is completely saturated now, atleast people need proper air to breathe and good water, Only real estate goons are getting benefited.

so rather give priority to other cities in Karnataka.

Madhava V Banavar 4 years 2 months ago

would have been reduced particulary in outskirs of bangalore.

Important question is how the senior officers (IAS and KAS)are trained and has good knowledge on Urban development, just imagine if they can't resolve traffic mess, clear the encroachment and lay proper roads, no interest on water harversting how can they take up the challenge of Smart city.
So my opinion still the city will become worst as people start poring from different part of the state similar to Mumbai and Delhi.

Madhava V Banavar 4 years 2 months ago

Most of all lakes are encroached and still they continuing and mushrooming of illegal layouts and apartments, making very difficult to travel in narrow roads, good ex. is in and around ITPL
Can you show me any single playgrounds and parks in newly created layouts.

No Proper co-ordination between BBMP,BDA,traffic police, Railways, Metro,BMTC which is resulting in traffic congestion.
atleast Govt. would have shown interest on suburban rail system 10 years back to some extent traffic

SHEKAR SHETTY 4 years 2 months ago

Shekar Shetty
Jayanagar( Bagalore)
I support for the upcomimg campaign for SMART City Project
in Jayanagar as this is one of the Largest planned city in Asia many years back. This has better roads, Free space, Greenaries, Metros etc. and it will be easier for Transformation to smart city to solve all civilian woes and set as sample SMART City.