Smart City Mission of Kota for Round - 2

Smart City Mission of Kota for Round - 2
Start Date :
Apr 25, 2016
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Jun 16, 2016
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Kota City has been shortlisted by Ministry of Urban Development as one of the potential 100 smart cities under Smart City Mission. Nagar Nigam, Kota is currently revising its ...

Kota City has been shortlisted by Ministry of Urban Development as one of the potential 100 smart cities under Smart City Mission. Nagar Nigam, Kota is currently revising its proposals for Round 2 of the Smart City Mission. One of the key processes is continuous engagement with the citizens at every stage.

The citizen engagement would lead to a meaningful envisioning exercise and identify the priority areas of physical, social, economic and institutional infrastructure.

We once again request the citizens to submit their innovative ideas, concepts and thoughts to make Kota a smart city on the discussion thread.

You can also provide your feedback through our other handles

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YOGESH SHARMA_110 7 years 5 months ago

Honourable PIC,

All of the above educating people is very important. i.e where we indians are laking in the most of the policies implementing. I do not not know how positively we are going on these ideas. But one thing is very sure most of our dear citizens are not trained or educated to use all this in correct ethical manner.

we are seeing the swachh bharat abhiyan one of the recent example of that.

we must have a provision to trained people on ground level.

Sunil Jain_32
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Sunil Jain_32 7 years 5 months ago

Basics for Smart City :
1. Planned Development
2. Authorized Constructions as per Norms.
3. Green Spaces to minimize impact of Carbon Gases Emissions.
4. Good Transport, Medical & Communication Facilities.
I do not see Planned Development. Unauthorized and Illegal Constructions are rampant all over the city. Administration takes no action even after repeated complaints. Take the case of 1-KA-24, Vigyan Nagar, Kota.
See attached news paper clipping from Dainik Bhaskar dt. 22-04-2016.

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PUSHPENDRA ARHA 7 years 5 months ago

प्रत्‍येक सरकारी भवनो के साथ साथ निजी मकानो पर भी सौर उर्जा का उत्‍पादन एवं उप भोग किया जावेा

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MADHU VYAS 7 years 5 months ago

सभी के लिये आवास सुवधिा हो तथा अावारा पशुओं से निजात मिलेा साफ सफाई का एवं र्ड्रनेज सिस्‍टम को और बेहतर बनाया जायेा एवं यातायात नियमो का कडाई से पालन होा पार्किंग हेतु वशिेष सुवधिा की जावेा सिटी बसो का संचालन नियमित रूप से किया जावेा व़क्षारोपण पर वशिेष बल दिया जावेा
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Priten Shah 7 years 6 months ago

Solar Wind Energy Tower Demonstration in the following link will provide an idea how to use desert hot winds to generate the electricity equal to hoover dam. This will be very useful to resolve the electricity issues of remote areas and villages of rajasthan in cheap and safe way.

Mudit Mundra
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Mudit Mundra 7 years 6 months ago

a good transportation is must in city because by transportation only travel could become easier,following should be made to improve transportation-
1.a good network of buses or metro is needed to be made to travel from one place to other
2.metro is very good option for transportation as it is carrying many people in less fuel and providing fast service(best public transportation) our city mostly people come from railway station so thre should be an pointof bus stop or metro to every part

Mudit Mundra
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Mudit Mundra 7 years 6 months ago

one of the best ways to attract people to our city is by developing tourism and infrastructure,so some of the ways to develop tourism-
1.starting up a river cruise in chambal like alfresco grand(guwahati)
2.developing super structures which can only be found in our city and give us identity
3.different types of cultural shows,lightning shows,fountain shows,etc should be made arranged
4.good transportation is necessary for tourists to travel
5.good infrastructure for effective working.
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Amit Sinha 7 years 6 months ago

As Chambal river goes all through the city so it can be utilised as follows
1-The City can be developed as Dubai Creek
2-Tourism Activities and Transportation through all across the city
3-Night Cruises with Dinner
4-Bank of rivers should be developed as paved path for riverside Gardens and Trees which can be used for Jogging, Yoga Activities
5- Light and Fountain Shows associated with big Hotels for Tourists
6- The Lifestyle will be improved greatly using river as main economic source

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Anil Kumar Chauhan 7 years 6 months ago

Sir, We can supply 24 hour electricity and fresh drinking water by Desalination of water by external electric field. The electricity will be generated by separation of H+ ions and OH- ions by electric field and recombining these ions to form steam. This steam will rotate the turbine to generate electricity. We can also solve the problem of plastic pollution by synthesizing many bio-degradable polymers. But you have to support us financially .