Share your ideas for Implementation of Budget Initiatives for the Health Sector

Last Date Mar 15,2021 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

A webinar on “Transforming the Health Sector: Union Budget 2021 – Strategies for Implementation” is being organized by the Department of Health & Family Welfare along with ...

A webinar on “Transforming the Health Sector: Union Budget 2021 – Strategies for Implementation” is being organized by the Department of Health & Family Welfare along with the Department of Health Research (DHR), M/o AYUSH and Department of Pharmaceuticals on 23rd February 2021 from 10.30 AM – 1.00PM. The webinar will enable sharing of the key highlights of the budget in respect of the health sector and broad strategies for implementation which build on and leverage reforms, enacted over the past few years. Invited experts will reflect on the challenges and opportunities for strengthening policy reform and implementation and provide suggestions on effective partnerships for positive outcomes. Experts are drawn from academia, research institutions, public health experts, Industry, State health officials, Directors of AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, NIMHANS, other Central Government Institutions and representatives from FICCI, CII, ASOCHAM, PHD Chamber of Commerce, Healthcare Federation of India.

The key announcements in the Union Budget related to Health Sector are as follows and we seek ideas and suggestions from the public and other stakeholders on the same:

1. Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine to be rolled across the country
2. ₹35000 crore for Covid-19 Vaccine in 2021-22
3. Supplementary Nutrition Programme and Poshan Abhiyan to be merged and launched as Mission Poshan 2.0
4. Outlay ₹64180 crore over 6 years
5. Support for Health and Wellness centres
6. Setting up of Integrated Public Health Labs
7. Establishing critical care hospital blocks
8. Strengthening NCDC
9. Expanding integrated health information portal
10. National Commission for Allied Healthcare Professionals Bill
11. The National Nursing and Midwifery Commission

Click here for a detailed PPT on Budget Initiatives for the Health Sector

Last date of submission is 15th March 2021

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Prakhar Gupta 39 minutes 55 sec ago

we have to increase budget of health and Care services because now also there are not all facilities are available in India and this is very important point for all of us because if there is no proper and hi facility then how a patient can make itself good at that all going to be happen by a doctor and the facilities in hospital so I request to the government please make it very clear that the budget of health and Care Service is as per the facilities which are going to be implemented in future

Ramesh Kumar HUF 1 hour 23 minutes ago

सरकारी स्वास्थय सेवाएं नि:शुल्क और अनिवार्य होना चाहिए।

किस बिमारी में कौन चिकित्सा पद्धति ज्यादा कारगर और उपयुक्त होगा इसका निर्धारण कर उसका अनुसरण करने कराने की राष्ट्र व्यापी जगरुकता उत्पन्न करते रहने की आवश्यकता है।

एक कदम आगे बढ़कर रोगप्रतिरोधक क्षमता बनाए रखने पर बल देने की जरूरत है।

सडक़ दुर्घटना और आपदा से मृत्यु दर जहाँ पर भी वैश्विक औसत दर की तुलना में अधिक है वहां पर ध्यान देना पड़ेगा और एहतियाती उपाय करने होंगें।

शिक्षा नीति को खास कर स्कूल स्तर की को युद्ध स्तर पर लागू करने होंगे।

Subrata Mondal 4 hours 32 minutes ago

Those who become doctor by studying in government medical colleges, they pay very less for their study as government provides subsidy. In future, they earn good salary/income. Therefore, government should recover from them the subsidy amount paid for their study.

mahesh biyani 5 hours 1 min ago

Phone consultations are also happening in all fields real time. Planes /warships r getting remotely directed /monitored. Similarly even health can be done with satellite & touch screens. Radiography Xrays /CT Scan images r already being done If India can get the digital scanner , way to go ! Sensors based on symptoms and data history with crores of images of the anatomy , can show the top 10 matches as google does ! India can be a pioneer with innate sense. U have to monitor quacks

SWATI NAIN 6 hours 43 minutes ago

हमारे देश में स्वास्थ सेवाओं का बजट और संकल्प में "इम्प्लिमेन्टेशन" के लिए बजट का प्रावधान होना चाहिए। हमारे स्वास्थकर्मियों जिनमें डॉक्टर, नर्स आदि ग्रामीण आँचल में अधिकतर जाने से कतराते है। प्राइवेट अस्पताल व कंपनियों की तरह एक ट्रॅकिंग सिस्टम का होना अनिवार्य होना चाहिए जिससे हम स्वास्थ सेवाओं में लोगों का विश्वाश उत्पन्न कर सकें। (स्वास्थकर्मियों के लिए ऐसा सुझाव देने के लिए माफी क्योंकि बहुत से लोग अपने कर्तव्यों का निर्वहन ईमानदारी से करते हैं)।

VNavinmitiran 7 hours 44 minutes ago

Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.
My humble thoughts with You.
More Research and Advancements and Equipments in Hospital Sectors. Private Technologies and Research Equipments under Government Control in Sector. Medical Practioners in AMBULANCES in practising before licensed.People were not treated given proper response in T.M.C.H. Medicines distribution equally considering the humane. More Research and Innovations for more restriction.

to be Contd.

YourName dalip Kumar Chhatwal 8 hours 3 sec ago

Those who got retired from public or from private sector and paid income tax more ten lacks must be given facilities of free medical treatment once in five years after attaining the age of 65 years.

Nidhin 8 hours 46 minutes ago

Respected Modiji,India is world's worst food adulteration Nation where control of Indian Ministry of Food on adulteration is weakest.Life threatening adulterated food processing units unidentified are still running even in online market protected by religious political leaders.I request to introduce Know Your Manufacturer(KYM)&give last date to declare their product&register in Central Govt.Website to find approved food product&manufacturer.I request to raid &close all undeclared units with CRPF