Share you unique Ideas on the theme of Invest in Our Planet

Share you unique Ideas on the theme of Invest in Our Planet
Start Date :
Apr 22, 2022
Last Date :
May 31, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

The Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), under the Government of India, is responsible for providing weather, climate, ocean and coastal state, hydrology, seismology, and natural ...

The Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), under the Government of India, is responsible for providing weather, climate, ocean and coastal state, hydrology, seismology, and natural hazards services, as well as exploring and harnessing marine living and non-living resources sustainably for the country and exploring the three poles of the Earth (the Arctic, Antarctic and Himalayas). More information about MoES can be found at or one can get more information about the ministry through its social media presence on various platforms namely Twitter (@moesgoi), Facebook (@moesgoi), YouTube (/MoESGOI), and Instagram (@moesgoi).
Earth Day is observed every year on April 22nd. It's a great time to remember to respect the Earth and to commit to making tiny adjustments to help conserve it. This year, the Ministry of Earth Sciences welcomes people from all walks of life to take part in a ‘Share your unique Ideas’ contest based on this year's theme, ‘Invest in Our Planet’.
The contest's goal is to encourage the nation's passionate young to not only share but also implement their innovative ideas for a more sustainable future that will benefit society as a whole. The contest will be in English and Hindi.

● Register at MyGov. as per instructions
● Participants must Like/Follow the Social Media Handles of the Ministry of Earth Sciences (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)
● Under the Do task, as you complete shared your Idea on MyGov portal, you have to post on social media that you have participated in this quiz contest and tag MoES (@moesgoi) and invite your 3 friends too to take the challenge.
● Winner will be decided by the Ministry of Earth Sciences.
● Ideas have to be described in not more than 100 words.
● Ideas to be submitted in either English or Hindi only.
● The posts should include hashtags: #MyPledgeMyEarth and #MyMoES
Top 3 winners will get exciting prizes and a digital certificate signed by the Secretary of the Ministry of Earth Sciences

Click here for Terms & Conditions (PDF-111 KB)

Last date of submission is 31st May 2022.

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VishalGokulchandRathod 3 hours 37 minutes ago

How interesting concept :

A student studying in Switzerland writes :

While studying in Switzerland, I rented a house near the school.

The landlady Kristina was a 67-year-old single old lady who had worked as a teacher in a secondary school before she retired.

Switzerland's pension is very good, enough not to worry about food and shelter in her later years.

However, she actually found "work" - to take care of an 87-year-old single old man.

I asked if she was working for money.

Her answer surprised me:
“I do not work for money, but I put my time in the ‘time bank’, and when I cannot move in my old age, I can withdraw it.”

The first time I heard about this concept of "time bank", I was very curious and asked the landlady more.

*The original “Time Bank” was an old-age pension program developed by the Swiss Federal Ministry of Social Security. People save the 'time' taking care of the elderly when they are younger, and when they become old, ill or need care can withdraw it.*

Akshay Gosai 11 hours 2 minutes ago

Respected Ma'am/Sir, 

I would like to take your 5 minutes.

During lockdown I made a theory which shows how we can make  14.28..% more jobs available in many government sectors and it will be helping in development of India and other developing nations so far. I need your guidance to make this executable.   

I am sending a video regarding the same.

Please do have a look at it.

Thanking you for your concern and support.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Akshay Gosai

Contact no - 8200215679

AvikJana 11 hours 39 minutes ago

Sir ,now a days petrol and diesel price is so hiking in that case we need electric cars in a huge quantity.If you instructed in your department officer to produce this type charging point of huge quantity in 1 or 2 year the public of India will very thankful to you.Thank you

AkankshaGarg 12 hours 1 min ago

This video is not created by me nor this channel belongs to me yet it is about India' citizen who contributed to turn barren land to forest 🌍🌴🌲

Reena Kumari 14 hours 31 minutes ago

The new house construction should be allowed with a condition of placing compulsorily rain harvesting system and solar energy system. This is the best way of investing in nature by just conserving what we are getting from it.

sainath jaywant girme 17 hours 14 minutes ago

For invest in our planet, first investment should be on tree application in every corner of world. Jungle should not destroyed moreover in current conditions to keep planet cool explode the methane gas by small crackers . Big iveht is that if river flow as slow wise in all seasons it really comes ubder planet cool. Thnks

vivek kumar c 18 hours 9 minutes ago

like certificating government building as green building why can't all government office should have a vermicompost pit and produce manure and use it in there gardens regularly to have a fertile soil and also help in getting rid of biodegradable waste within their office itself. the same concept should be in Mandi, market complex to avoid transportation of biodegradable waste from market and have vermicompost facilities in the approval drawing itself.

brajendra kumar shukla 19 hours 53 minutes ago

Surve kiya jaye, street level pr kisne jyada plant lgyaye hain, jis ghar k samne Plant/trees lge hain, unko ecogreen home certificate dekar unko house tax me 10 percent ka relaxation dena chahiye, eco green homes ko 5 percent bijli bill me relaxation dena chahiye, every quarter Monitoring hona chahiye street ka.

Sitanshu Kumar Khatua 20 hours 37 minutes ago

The best Investment in our Planet is obviously Tree Plantation as Trees greatly contribute to the environment by providing oxygen, supporting wildlife, improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil and climate amelioration. Unfortunately, in our bid to modernize and progress we have been systematically destroying forests and depleting the earth's resources. The consequences of all that mindless destruction are global warming, erratic weather patterns, increase in the frequency and volume of floods, melting of glaciers, desertification of once fertile area, loss of soil productivity, extinction of several species, imbalance in the ecosystem and nonavailability of forest products. This is why it is imperative that we plant trees to maintain the ecological balance and ensure harmony in our biodiversity. It is high time we should increase awareness among all for making a healthier, liveliar and greener Planet. Thanking you.