Share views on Survey/Resurvey in the UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and its Promulgation under NLRMP Scheme

Share views on Survey/Resurvey in the UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and its Promulgation under NLRMP Scheme
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The Geographical area of Dadra & Nagar Haveli is 491.00 Sq. Kms located between States of Gujarat in North and Maharashtra in South. Out of total area, 40% of the area is ...

The Geographical area of Dadra & Nagar Haveli is 491.00 Sq. Kms located between States of Gujarat in North and Maharashtra in South. Out of total area, 40% of the area is under Forest.

The role of Survey & Settlement Department is to carry out various functions relating to land Viz. measurement of Agriculture and N.A. land, issue of maps, issue of District Number etc. For Computerization/Modernization of land record, The survey Department Dadra & Nagar Haveli has under taken survey/resurvey under NLRMP Scheme. Under the said programme, the work of Digitalization of old records, setting up of Modern Record Rooms, digitalization of maps, with complete integrated software system, data digitalization, validation, verification, etc. has undertaken. After proper promulgation of total land records, the maps will be available online.

Various States have undertaken Survey/Resurvey under NRLMP Scheme but promulgation is under discussion and at study stage. If we promulgate survey/re- survey, the UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli will become the first territory to promulgate survey/resurvey under NRLMP Scheme.

For promulgation of Survey/Resurvey, there are two ways (i) Easy Promulgation and (ii) Detail Promulgation.
Easy Promulgation is a way to solve only the objections received from the land holder on the spot whereas in other cases it will be finalized as per survey/resurvey. The educated land holders will understand the survey/resurvey and will file their objection but the illiterate land holders will not understand about the survey/resurvey (map reading) and will not file any objections at that time and therefore after promulgation complications will be raised in future and difficulties to be faced by the department for online service.
Whereas in detail promulgation, an Officer appointed for the said work will go in field and will compare the recent survey/resurvey with the survey of 1965 and will carried out stone marking and boundary re-demarcation and then promulgation will be carried out.

With the detail promulgation of survey/resurvey, most of the disputed cases will be solved and the public will get awareness about the remaining disputed cases and the officers to whom they have to make appeal. Due to the awareness as above they will not wonder from one office to another and Survey Department will also assist them in solving their problems under the Dadra & Nagar Haveli Land Revenue Administration Regulation Act 1971. If need is arisen Administration will take initiation to make necessary amendment in the existing rules to solve the disputed cases which are pending since a long period and all such cases will be settled and finalized.

The fee of stone marking will be recovered from the land holder as per price of stone and also recover Government fees as per Dadra & Nagar Haveli fee structure from the land holders after given some relaxation to the Tribal land holders, so that the Government will not bear additional expenses for the above works. The detail promulgation will take time but no any complication in future will be arisen online service.

Therefore, we invite your suggestion/comments on Survey/Resurvey in the UT of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Promulgation thereon under NLRMP Scheme as your valuable thoughts will help the Department to work out the promulgation successfully.

The last date for submission of your comments is 31st March, 2016.

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NAVIN MIMANI 4 years 4 months ago

Why are the birth and death registration office linked with the ration nd voter office. I think with one entry all misdeeds will be finished. As percencus count of population does never match with the ration card issued in that area.

DHRUBAJYOTI MAZUMDER 4 years 8 months ago

Its seems that NRC survey shows a huge Bangladeshi migration is there in ASSAM and northeastern States (HINDU as wel as Mushlim) but there also three types of Bangladeshi Migration Shileti,Moimansingia and Dhakaya.

SURESH_12 4 years 9 months ago

At the time of Election, Money Distribution is settled to each person. What is the reason for unable to issue Personal ID for every citizen connected with Aadhar. One time recorded in Computer what is the necessity to spend lot of money for survey of India?

Vinay Kumar Das 4 years 9 months ago

We have to learn the better more than 60% people are young.And it is said that young people are more enthusiastic.But if they will not get the right way to use their skill they may lead to the wrong direction in that case who will be the responsible.If govt. will not take the appropriate step then very soon india will lead to an un directional way.The way population is increasing in the same way vacancy is not available in the market.As a result it leads to frustration.

Vinay Kumar Das 4 years 9 months ago

Things can be manage in good way with limit people.but it will goes out if control with the uncontrollable population.very soon we are going to be the no. 1 in the world in terms of population.This is not the achievement.This is what we have to shame on ourself.Today no. Of starved people is increasing day by day in india.Today we are the country in asia where the people get the least salary for their work.Today we are the country where if 1 vacancy comes and 1000 application reached.

Vinay Kumar Das 4 years 9 months ago

With due respect I want to say that the population is increasing like a fire in forest.due to which all problems arises.The root of all problem is this crowd or population whatever u say.I request to our honourable PM to bring a population control act in the Lok Sabha assembly an citizen of india have to strictly follow this.Sir kindly share your view on this serious topic in "Man ki Baat".Today every problem such as poverty,pollution,unemployment,starvation and many more.

MANAN Bhatt_1 4 years 10 months ago


We the jawans are the most under privileged scheduled class of this nation. We are less educated as we have joined the military at very young age. I joined NAVY when I was 17. Even our martyrs are not given the respect they deserve. For example there is INS Khukri war memorial at DIU. over there placed a stone plaque engraved with names of the martyrs who died when the ship sank during 1971 indo pak war. On that stone carving sailors names are written without their ranks!!! And all the officers names are engraved prefixing their RANKS!!!! injustice ANYWHERE EVERYWHERE EVEN IN MARTYRDOM. Were the martyr sailors of INS Khukri all civilians who just happened to be there onboard for recreation????
Most names of the sailors are also incorrect wrongly spelt omitted. If these are mistakes than It is a national shame. If this is done deliberately please hang the responsible.
NAVAL officers who are too proud of their know how of English and renowned for their explicable service writing, letter drafting skills are to be held guilty, responsible.