Regulation of Drugs, Food and Medical Practice

Regulation of Drugs, Food and Medical Practice
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Jun 10, 2015
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Aug 11, 2015
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This discussion theme is in continuance to our first discussion titled ‘Health System in India: Bridging the Gap between Potential and Performance’. To review what others have ...

This discussion theme is in continuance to our first discussion titled ‘Health System in India: Bridging the Gap between Potential and Performance’. To review what others have commented on this subject earlier in the first discussion, visit our Blog.

How can we maximize health returns through strengthening Regulation of Drugs, Food and Medical Practice?

1. Issues

1.1. Irrational prescription practices for drugs and diagnostics leads to overuse and wastage, as well as drug resistance.

1.2. Aggressive marketing and promotion activities of pharmaceutical companies augment irrational use of drugs.

1.3. There is concurrent jurisdiction of the Centre and States over drug regulation leading to dilution of accountability.

1.4. There are no regulations to control the sale and consumption of unhealthy foods in the population, particularly among children.

1.5. There is a lack of regulation to address the deficit of doctors in rural areas.

1.6. Irrational practices in clinical care continue because of non-adoption of standards of care and limited adoption by States of the Clinical Establishments Act (CEA).

2. Suggestions

2.1. The Standard treatment guidelines should be completed, widely disseminated, mandated and followed to promote rational prescription practices.

2.2. There should be effective enforcement of the guidelines on sale and prescription of drugs, especially antibiotics.

2.3. A mandatory code for identifying and penalizing unethical promotion by pharmaceutical companies is required to be developed.1 This includes legislation requiring drug companies to disclose payments made to doctors for research, lectures, consulting, travel and entertainment that may lead to conflicts of interest.

2.4. Systems of drug regulation need to be reformed since it is under the overlapping jurisdiction of Centre and States.

2.5. Suitable regulation to prevent the sale and consumption of unhealthy foods, particularly among school going children, must be in place.

2.6. There should be an appropriate regulatory mechanism to ensure compulsory rural service by medical graduates.

2.7. The conflict of interest arising due to private practice by Government doctors must be addressed through appropriate regulation.

2.8. The adoption and implementation of the Clinical Establishments Act which includes registration, standards of care, patient rights and grievance redressal mechanisms must be encouraged. Provisions to ensure these regulatory measures may be suitably incorporated into the MoU signed by States with the Centre.

2.9. Prescription audits may be undertaken by professional councils and faculty in medical colleges to ensure clinical decision making complies to evidence based protocols for care, thereby protecting patients from irrational practices.

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Preetha P S 8 years 6 months ago

#Drugs, #Food, #Medical Practice, #NITIAayog, #MyGov, #Health Dear Modi ji, Stray dogs are the biggest threat to human life now. Mad dogs are the worst threat to children and old men. The vaccine companies protect only the interest of dogs inorder to increase their sales. They files cases, whenever the government tries to control the population of dogs. There should be strict laws for the control of excessive population of such animals.

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VISHWAS TAKSALEE 8 years 6 months ago

First of all, we have to strictly implement The Food Safety and Standards Act. Many big food businessmen specially related to milk/ milk products like sweets, curd, ice cream, kulfi, Lassi etc. are producing and selling unhealthy food items and there is no check by the food department. Food officers regularly get their HAFTA from these big businessmen and never visit them for sampling, Only a few who fail to bribe them either in cash or kind become their victims.
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Esver 8 years 6 months ago

Govt should allocate funds to private research center to develop medicine for existing diseases with complete transparency.Once medicine got developed medicines should be produced only in govt factories with diff private mgmt.By doing this govt encouraging private industries,in all levels at the same time preventing private players to loot & exploit human beings for their profits.since research & production are done by diff players.Use think tank to evolve best practices & for pricing medicines.
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Esver 8 years 6 months ago

All govt & private doctors should have a online data space in govt website where they should enter patient history,visit,diagnosis,diseases,given treatments.So they are become totally transparent.All tablets should have labels printed on medical shops with date of purchase.All doctors should give printed prescription to avoid scribbling & also for records.All clinics should have cctv to store 1 month of patient visit data.All govt dr can scrutinize or raise questions about treatment given.
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Esver 8 years 6 months ago

Govt should use RAW to keep eye on big foreign private medicine research companies.Entire world they are using for generating revenue by introducing new diseases & giving medicine for it.It should be become a big discussion in UN to keep strict watch on all Medicine research center.At least production & sales of medicines should be done by respective govt so private wouldn't do any evil to increase profits.All research should be transparent to public or at least to govt & UN agencies.

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Narender Kumar 8 years 6 months ago

Medicines and Medical practice is one of the biggest business globally. All is not well in India as far as public health is concerned. Both medicines and medical treatment has gone out of reach of common man. Public health system has collapsed and private sector has taken over this sector as a money spinning business. Not only there is a need to regulate the cost but also the supply of live saving drugs. Government needs to take urgent steps to take health service to every door step.
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Prakash Boda 8 years 7 months ago

nice move by government to force doctors to write generic medicine name with brand name so we can get generic version in much lower cost. I real appreciate once it comes as law.

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mukesh_50 8 years 7 months ago

The medical proffession has become commercial should be service.Not trade....
Today if i go to hoslital i feels that i am delibreately getting cheated and i dnt have
any option .......