Public Consultation on Service Contracts and Financial/Technical Biddable Parameters for offering IT Services on GeM

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Public Consultation on Service Contracts and Financial/Technical Biddable Parameters for offering IT Services on GeM


Directorate General Supplies and Disposal (DGS&D) under the directions of the Central Government has developed an online platform Government e-Market place (GeM), to facilitate online procurement of common use Goods & Services required by various Government Departments / Organizations / PSUs. GeM would thus provide a common platform to buyers and sellers/service providers for Direct Selling and e-auctions.

While procurement of goods is very common, the Government wants to take steps for the provisioning of services (just like products) through GeM platform for the ease of government buyers.

An example of service that has already been provisioned on GeM is Taxi Service. Government Buyers can select from a list of attributes (referred to as Biddable Parameters) example: Hiring type (spot hiring, regular hiring, leasing) , Duration of hiring (Half day, full day, Monthly Yearly etc), Body Type( Sedan, Hatchback), Engine Capacity (800CC to 2500CC) etc. The service provider would provide rates for all these combinations and the buyer can compare the rates for different service providers before placing the final order. The same can be visited on

On the same lines, DGS&D is trying to draft some IT services:
1. Data Center Service
2. Cyber Security Service
3. Cloud Service

The draft SLA and Biddable parameters of which are now put up for public consultation. We would like to have inputs on the specific Terms and Conditions drafted for each service as well as Financial/Technical Biddable Parameters standardized for offering various Services on GeM.

Citizens can give suggestions for specific services by using the Hashtags given below:

Last date of submission is 6th May, 2017

Click here to read the Draft Data Center Service (#GeMDataCenterService)

Click here to read the Draft Cyber Security Service (#GeMCyberSecurityService)

Click here to read the Draft Cloud Service (#GeMCloudService)

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manmohan kumar's picture

manmohan kumar 11 months 2 weeks ago

hey, we have well equipped and one of the largest army force not to have talks after death.
if current government will do like this we all will loose faith of having akhund Bharat.


SAURABH KUMAR 11 months 2 weeks ago

Sir,You should think of Sachin Tendulkar,as a candidate for the office of the President of India.India is a young nation. Considering the fact that the President of India is an apolitical body.We do require Presidents like Kalamji,who could inspire millions of Indians, also who should have wider acceptability across the nation.Politicians do sit across various political positions in the govt.

The person like Sachinji , is the need of the hour and voice of INDIA

Rashi's picture

Rashi 11 months 3 weeks ago

Sir, ur taking a Gud action against Muslim talaak talaak talaak but have u noticed what is wrong with Hindu gals which is invisible.. There r so many gals who r prsssurized for marriage due to family force or society comments... Many girls commit suicide for the sake of her family respect.. If she doesn't want to do... She is scolded by every one... 'Shadi krle ni to zindagi barbaad Ho jayegi ' n koi milega ni ab ni ki to... Sir y we have to face it... Y we don't get same ryts to live...

Rashi's picture

Rashi 11 months 3 weeks ago

Honorable sir, we respect u do much.. M from haryana n u appointed Mr khattar as Cm but have u noticed his performance in haryana I'd zero.... U appointed him to control corruption n Dadagiri of Jaat... But they r still doing n Mr khattar is speechless n coward Man... Darpok.... Please reappoint a strong n buland person on haryana as u appointed yogi g in UP...


DATTATRAY DHAMANGAONAKR 11 months 3 weeks ago

Respected ,
Houourable Prime Minsiter sir ji,
Mai aap se ye vinanti karna chahata hu ki jo patient cancer ka ilaj kar rahe hai jin k pass paise nahi hai unki madat karo aur treatment lene ke baad jo un patient ko re vaccianation lena padta hai us ko sarkar ki taraf se free mein dene ki vyasatha karo please . Kyo ki ye jo garib aur majboor patient hote hai unka doctor log bhaut pareshan karte hai paise k liye , aur maine kuch aise bhi patient bhi so please help them help them sir

Naresh Thakur_1's picture

Naresh Thakur_1 11 months 3 weeks ago

Dear PM Sir, People have very bad mind set when it comes to Govt web portal or mobile app. Which really is a concern. Technology is growing very fast and people are getting used to technology. But when we come/open any govt web portal it gives 15 years old feeling. Our govt sites take too much time to load no matter what connection we have and sites are never up to date. As per my knowledge, Govt spent lot of money on simple functionality websites but we do not get the results accordingly..