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Public Consultation on Service Contracts and Financial/Technical Biddable Parameters for offering IT Services on GeM

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Public Consultation on Service Contracts and Financial/Technical Biddable Parameters for offering IT Services on GeM


Directorate General Supplies and Disposal (DGS&D) under the directions of the Central Government has developed an online platform Government e-Market place (GeM), to facilitate online procurement of common use Goods & Services required by various Government Departments / Organizations / PSUs. GeM would thus provide a common platform to buyers and sellers/service providers for Direct Selling and e-auctions.

While procurement of goods is very common, the Government wants to take steps for the provisioning of services (just like products) through GeM platform for the ease of government buyers.

An example of service that has already been provisioned on GeM is Taxi Service. Government Buyers can select from a list of attributes (referred to as Biddable Parameters) example: Hiring type (spot hiring, regular hiring, leasing) , Duration of hiring (Half day, full day, Monthly Yearly etc), Body Type( Sedan, Hatchback), Engine Capacity (800CC to 2500CC) etc. The service provider would provide rates for all these combinations and the buyer can compare the rates for different service providers before placing the final order. The same can be visited on

On the same lines, DGS&D is trying to draft some IT services:
1. Data Center Service
2. Cyber Security Service
3. Cloud Service

The draft SLA and Biddable parameters of which are now put up for public consultation. We would like to have inputs on the specific Terms and Conditions drafted for each service as well as Financial/Technical Biddable Parameters standardized for offering various Services on GeM.

Citizens can give suggestions for specific services by using the Hashtags given below:

Click here to read the Draft Data Center Service (#GeMDataCenterService)

Click here to read the Draft Cyber Security Service (#GeMCyberSecurityService)

Click here to read the Draft Cloud Service (#GeMCloudService)

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Sujeet Singhal's picture

Sujeet Singhal 13 hours 8 minutes ago

Gem is very good initiative by the government for transparent buying. Government should incorporate feature to promote start-ups and small vendors or service provider also in this system


JAGDISH PATHAK 14 hours 30 minutes ago

In respect education system, Hon. PM and team has made great effort to make the control over fees of education, so that, all types of people can get advance education, In case of CBSE, or state board control with grant of govt. charging very nominal fees which can be useful for poor and needy people, but, if rich people take admission in self finance institution and charge higher fees,than only it is possible,so, rich people voluntary pay higher fees will be benefit to poor and needy,best wishes

niteesh kumar s's picture

niteesh kumar s 1 day 11 hours ago

I am having a genuine concern instead of a suggestion. Wherever we go we find messed up application forms, contradicting rules and regulations, and thanks to the intelligent Bureaucrats.
So GeM should be a user friendly and interactive platform.


JAGDISH PATHAK 1 day 14 hours ago

In respect to health services and medical treatment facilities provided by government doctors, hon. PM has made great effort and made health center and hospitals at grams to urban and city- ward areas, I want to suggest that, the co-operative base or trust or NGO based health center or hospital should be encouraged and increased, there are some incidence of strike and dispute by doctors or staff for which the innocent patient should to bear, hence,parallel alternative can be useful, best wishes

Krishnamohan Venkatesh Varma's picture

Krishnamohan Venkatesh Varma 1 day 15 hours ago

Having exposure to diversified legal areas including court practice, working with major Indian and US companies (more than 17 years of corporate experience) relating to commercial, regulatory and corporate legal affairs and extensive drafting and negotiating experience on information technology, media, entertainment, telecom, retail and software licensing areas, I will be able to help in drafting, reviewing, negotiating and finalizing IT Service Contracts.

Susheel Teja's picture

Susheel Teja 1 day 19 hours ago

It would be a nice initiative to involve startups which are growing as a part of make in India which corresponds to the growth of the country. Coming to service contracts lot of government projects are being handled by very big IT gaints like Tata Consultancy services. They are doing a good job in maintaining them but they have private customers too. So it would be helpful if we can encourage startups of India to support our government technical front which in term gives more jobs to rural youth


JAGDISH PATHAK 2 days 14 hours ago

In respect to agricultural and dairy development, Hon. PM has made great effort to improve such sector, I want to suggest that, Milk and dairy products has so many gap for possible development, further, our agriculturist and Pashupalak will be get maximum benefit in such sector with the help of co-operative sector, which are giving maximum rate of milk to the producer of milk in comparison to other, hence, co-operative sector should be encouraged for the quick development of dairy, best wishes

A.Xavier Raja's picture

A.Xavier Raja 4 days 1 min ago

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A. XavierRaja