Ministry of Electronics and IT invites suggestions on Prevention of Leakage and Proper Recycling of E-Waste

The electronics waste (e-waste) comprises of discarded electrical and electronic equipment, and poses serious challenges globally for improper disposal practices especially in ...

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The electronics waste (e-waste) comprises of discarded electrical and electronic equipment, and poses serious challenges globally for improper disposal practices especially in informal sector.

Hon’ble PM has emphasized the need for creating awareness for environmental issues under “Swach Digital Bharat’ during his address at NASSCOM event on 01.03.2015. On the direction of Hon’ble PM, MeitY has initiated the “Awareness Programme on Environmental Hazards of Electronic Waste through Digital India Initiative” over a period of five years to create awareness among the public about the hazards of e-waste recycling by the informal sector and educate them about alternate methods of disposing their e-waste.

Over 95 per cent of e-waste generated is managed by the informal sector. Integration of the informal sector and access to environmentally safe recycling technologies may reduce the health and environmental hazards. In addition to technology, capacity building, skill management, scientific recycling mechanism, business management training are also required for safe recycling of e-waste.

In this context, MeitY is inviting citizen inputs to provide solution for leakage of E-Waste in the informal sector, and suggest proper recycling technology for E-Waste that is economically available.

The last date of submission of suggestions is 4th April, 2018.

For any further information about E-Waste, please visit the GREENE website.

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Raghavendraprasad s's picture

Raghavendraprasad s 1 day 2 hours ago

Nowadays waste drinking water bottles are creating lot of pollution particularly marriage functions, coastal area like places lot of useing plastic water bottle so that water bottles are manufacturer paper pouch it's sollution for small paper pouch is good for environment

PABITRA DAS's picture

PABITRA DAS 1 day 17 hours ago

1) Electronic parts design to be improved.(those items are not recyclable or repairable)
2) Some time our required sensor base device/item(Like:mouse,phone charger)3) Hardware base electronic item to be reduced.4) Banded & high quality E-Product to be used.(Govt. to be provided special discount for poor people)5) One person to be used one mobile phone.6)People does not used E-product in proper way.Thy are not follow user guideline.7)stop chinese product.8)Desktop & keyboard use to be stop.

Ram Prakash's picture

Ram Prakash 1 day 22 hours ago

I belong to rural background of india.I have seen many e-waste products like mobile or laptop euippmemts,are being thrown out by many people.But,once I suggest them to collect all the e-waste and sold it to the market.but,they told me that no will purchase it.Who will waste the time to let these things into markest for sell.
So,From this experience, I would recommend two suggestions-
1.Govt.should establish e-waste collector industries in every districts.
2.reward the seller.

Vasanth's picture

Vasanth 1 day 22 hours ago

Waste for one person is a treasure for another person.Hence an ecommerce web site can be created and sell them to needy for example, the students doing their final year projects and scientists in research work.Why not the companies can afford the waste products and repair, use them in their new production. I will surely decrease the e-waste and also the production cost of the product.Recycling plants have been set up all our the nation to recycle the electrical wastes.

ruchi singhal's picture

ruchi singhal 2 days 25 minutes ago

Proper leakage and proper Recycling of e-waste can be possible by use of e-waste through recycling every part of old products this is possible by stop manufacturing cheap quality product and also stop import cheap quality product by china and by various steps should be taken by taking back the old product by the company at lower prices so that people cant throw them .

anubha Upreti's picture

anubha Upreti 2 days 5 hours ago

whenever one goes to buy a new mobile old mobile, buyer has facility to dispose his old phone all across India. these mobile phone can then be given to a electronic disposable units made across India who can take out its processor, metals parts and plastic parts. metal parts can be processed for useful things while the plastic parts can also be melted n processed.

HARSHA K R's picture

HARSHA K R 2 days 7 hours ago

manufacturing of long lasting mobile phone with good built quality,so that there wont be a need to change mobile phones frequently, REDUCING THE NO. OF WASTE PRODUCED OUT OF DUMPING OLD MOBILE PHONE
more funds to those companies whose products are made of recycled raw materials
provide fund to those R&D experiments which also give quality products along with proper disposal METHODS
give awareness about websites like GREENE

gyan awasthi's picture

gyan awasthi 2 days 7 hours ago

vastav me repairing kisi ko nahi aati optin change chalta hai wastage to hoga hi aur doosre sabse badi samsya hai china. pahle wala to mental toughness hai but ye hamari kamjori hai hame khud ki technology se viswas uth gaya hai